80 thoughts on “Will this one fool you?

  1. Okay, It looks like a female hand, but from prior knowledge im going to go with Its always some sort penis..bifurcated this time.

  2. Now that’s interesting, did she use regular genital pumping ?
    I’ve been wanted to stretch mine in a permanent way to be able to pierce them. Any pointers more than welcome !

  3. woo I was right! Its interesting to see someone purposefully making their lips like this when it seems most people strive for the opposite.

  4. lol, mine naturally look like that… So I was like, “What’s the big deal?”. I’ve always loved them, and so have the boys 😉

  5. Post-surgery M to F and this is what’s left of the scrotal tissue turned into labia? You can see what looks like scarring from a penectomy..

  6. well,some women just have larger inner labia…facts of life are harsh sometimes.
    however one with larger lips I’ve ever been with, loved when I gave special attention to the lips when going down on them.
    kinda the nipping tugging licking thing must be extra special with larger lips to appreciate it with.

  7. 1. A penis that has been split open, decapitated, and healed.
    2. A tiny scrotum sans testicles.
    3. Something horrible done to a clitoris.

  8. i am in the boat- nature provided me wiht this look already.

    what is the mod? a split clitoral hood?.. is it also stretched?

  9. My labia is naturally quite large, so I immediately recognized this as the same (but on a much bigger scale!!) 🙂

    But oh my god, Shannon, you’re slipping!! It’s not a penis, for once. Or a large gauge trans-scrotal piercing. Or… anything else related to male “bits” XD

  10. awwww, it’s a heart! and i personally don’t think this was “achieved”, it was likely natural. one could then pull the “this isn’t even body modification” but i guess the modification lies in the pulling? haha.

  11. ^^Shannon said it was modified, not natural. And for the record, I guessed wrong, lol.

  12. Why do I always click through? I usually regret it…but I cannot seem to help myself…

  13. hah, yeah the lady hand gave it away for me. And I totally thought it was just normal stretchy vag tissue at first. The click through makes it a little wierd, though.

  14. The middle is my favorite…it almost apears to be like a flower of some erotic sort.
    It would make a great metaphor.

  15. This one didn’t surprise me at all…but mine are naturally larger as well (though not that large!) ;-p

    So what exactly was done, hood splitting?

    I wish there was a pic where she wasn’t pulling on them, I think it’d be easier to tell.

  16. you know… before the days of my reading modblog. I would have looked at this and said “Ok.. this chick has large labia.”

    but now adays, i can’t help but to say “Hmm… I wonder if she has always been a she, and what type of intresting thing did she/he do to themselves to make that happen?”

    is this normal?

  17. Wahoo, I guessed right, in spite of never guessing “cock” the last 23566 times 😉

    To those surprised it’s not a penis, it’s obviously the exception that proves the “it’s always a dick” rule…

  18. originally…. i thought “beefcurtain!”
    and then i looked at the first picture and thought “penis removal and they left the foreskin?”
    “Whoa…. no it IS a beefcurtain!”


  19. Holy shit, you mean it’s not a penis? But she used to be a he, right? No? Wow.

    Mine is like that naturally. It warms my heart to think that someone, somewhere is jealous.

  20. Flappy pussy. W00t got it right! Does kinda look like a M to F procedure at some points…

  21. ohhhhhh i have always been a fan of the outie – hard to find the girls with the sweet, sweet outies… neat and tidy is just plain boring and i go into spasms if i get lucky with a beef curtain!!!


  22. Now that took a lot of work, or a lot of natural talent, one or the other. Looks like the innies and outies are melded! Fantastic look!

  23. Comment 68: I need you help dude, I’m always so shy about mine since they’re naturally large. It’s people that are like EW!Vagina monster! that do the trick.

  24. English: if you’d really like us to want you back, please don’t refer to our labia as “beef curtains.” SO NOT SEXY.

  25. At first I saw the manicured nails and skin and thought thought, “It’s stretched labia.”
    Then I thought, “WAIT. IT HAS TO BE A DICK. Shannon found a transvestite to throw us off.”
    Low and behold, it’s not a dick.

  26. apologies for the ‘beef curtains’ comment.. shall i stick with ‘outies’ ??

    whatever PC term I should use please let me know.. you can call mine a cock, knob, dick, sausage, weenie, peenie, drumstick, bell end, etc.. I will still love you all with OUTIES!!!

    I LOVE UM..!

  27. I have large labia, too, and for the guys who are saying how scary it looks, etc.–I feel sorry for you. Girl bits are gorgeous, no matter the size. In fact, I’ve heard this called a “full-blown rose.” I think it’s beautiful, lush, and extremely sensual.

  28. People, it is not labia. It is a clitoral hood.

    I think it’s sad how many people here don’t know the difference.

  29. To reptile: What’s sad is your ignorance of female genitalia. Of COURSE it’s labia. The hood is attached to the inner labia. And I should know, I’m looking at mine right now.

    It’s so great to see someone who wants bigger labia. I was embarrassed of mine for a long time. God knows why because the men in my life have always enjoyed it!

  30. Yup, there’s only two things where bigger is always better – inner labia and foreskin!

  31. Gene, are you insane? I was born with really long inner labia and it’s HELL! I’m constantly in pain because of this crap. They don’t even seem to have nerves inside of them that pick up “nice feelings”. They are always either irritated or hurting me. So don’t tell me that having huge Labia is a nice thing. That’s a very unrealistic fantasy of yours.

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