Double Decker!

Feast your peepers on this video Ari sent in (this is the last time I’ll apologise, but sorry about the music)..

First Brian punches then tapers Matt Skinner’s labret up to 00ga. Then Ari’s under the knife as Brian splits his tongue asunder.

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35 thoughts on “Double Decker!

  1. The angle on that labret looked wonky as all hell at best. (pointing way downwards)

  2. man…..i don’t know what it is about Brian Decker, he is just too awesome. I’m inlove!

  3. i really don’t think that punching into soft tissue area like the labret it’s a good idea… definitely, a clean horizontal cut would be the right answer, instead of removing tissue…

  4. Keep up the music, Roo! :D

    Another great vid…As others have said, surprisingly ‘clean’ (as in not-messy-with-fuckloads-of-blood) for both procedures.


  5. Man, this totally breaks Brians streak of failed mods on Modblog :)

    Brian does really good work. Even during the times Ive hated him, I still recomended him and still went to him for all my work. And his gf is on ANTM!

  6. I don’t necesserly like the “big lip” look that a stretched labret gives so I guess that if you are rrrrrrrrealllly commited and you want to keep your labret for a loooooooong time, it’s a good way to prevent this…

  7. Personally I would NOT recommend dermal punching a labret… Personally I think it’s a better idea to scalpel along the muscle…

  8. @ RooRaaah Crumbs on April 24th, 2008 at 8:26 am

    thanks, i just could find a cover of this song by “the hellacopters”

    so now i know :-)

  9. Note to everyone – When you’re submitting videos include as much information as you possibly can, then I won’t have to guess and make a fool out of myself :)

  10. brian decker is glorious. you can see how gentle (uhm yea) he is in this video too :)

  11. I’m going to go with several others and say that he should have scalpelled instead of punching soft tissue.

    Secondly – I’d bet money that you’re not seeing blood not because he’s good (veins don’t give a shit about skill) – but because of lidocaine and epinephrin. Notice that both guys take it like champs.

    Not to say that they couldn’t without quelling the pain – but that in addition to no blood?


  12. The lack of blood is due to the forceps being properly placed as to not allow blood to be released. Look at his lips at eht end of the video where he is fanning his face, you can see blood leaking out.

  13. yea, the taper always makes me cringe… ouch… i find the punch isnt so bad the.

  14. To clarify, the lack of bleeding was from the placement of the forceps, not anesthetics, which weren’t even put on with extreme pressure.

    As for the lip, due to the fatty composition of the tissue in that area, i only used a 4mm punch for that and easily slid in the 0g taper. Not much tissue was removed at all and the healing will be exponentially quicker. This is actually technique i first learned from Blair, himself.

  15. hey, author, how about sewing each half of tongue after splitting?
    it would be more exactly

    agree to shannon, it is better to scalpel along the muscle for not big tunnels. the reason to punch is 10 or more milimeters

  16. I like how quick he split the tongue too. I saw a video where the guy hacked away at the poor guys tongue for almost 3 minutes. I really want my tongue split but that scared me a lot. I think if I could get Brian to do it I’d be more confident.

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