Eyebending Tribal Suit

This tattoo is nuts! If you look at just one small section of it, it’s just boring neotribal that’s been done a zillion times, but as a full body suit, it’s pretty wild looking! It looks like a fabric print I think… (I’ve seen closeup photos by the way, so it’s definitely real if you’re suspicious).

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40 thoughts on “Eyebending Tribal Suit

  1. I’m usually not a fan of tribal, but this definitely proves that dedication to a theme can pay off.

  2. Haha that guy must LOVE tribal tatoos :P. As much as I have a general dislike for generic tribal tattoos I do like how it does look like a fabric pattern. Definately snazzy.

  3. I love the bit around his bellybutton. The dragons had the potential to look wierd with it I think but they fit really well into it

  4. just… wow. one would think that a design like this would be hard on the eyes, too busy or something, but it’s remarkably well-executed. i think it’s because it’s not the super thick and sharp tribals, but something more curved and intricate.

    i kind of thought it looked like a thorny plant or something, heh. beautiful, either way!

  5. I was whistling when I opened modblog this morning and this took the whistle right out of me.

    I’m not sure I like it per se, but it’s really amazing.

  6. Wow…it’s looks like little creepy crawlies sprouting from his bunghole, haha.

  7. Woah that is totally fucking with my eyes. I’m not really digging it, but it’s an interesting tattoo none the less.

  8. I actually really like how there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason or symmetry to this, even though I am usually a lover of symmetry!

  9. I really love this! I’m not normally a fan of tribal work, but this is one of my favourite bodysuits I’ve seen. It’s really visually striking.

  10. lol – my first thought was that if I were hungover, this is the last guy I would want around. even perfectly sober I find it a bit dizzying. my second thought was that the tattoos over his butt crack fit together nicely, creating a really seamless image.

  11. What I find amazing and hilarious is that (nope: on April 26th, 08 at 1:03am) was looking at the dude’s butt crack….lol

  12. thanks guys for all the good comments . im jolene aka (MOOSE) from art n soul tattoos in winsford cheshire. and im the tattooist who did this work.. thanks again all x

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