Temporary Breast Enlargement

Master Y in Germany sent in these photos of a before and after (and if you click through, there’s a procedural photo) of him doing a breast saline injection. As you can see, the effects are quite dramatic. It goes without saying that care must be taken in this type of procedure to adhere to good cleanliness standards to avoid risks such as mastitis.

See more in Non-genital Saline Injections (Saline Injection) (members only)

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28 thoughts on “Temporary Breast Enlargement

  1. My reaction: “Mastisis? What’s th- AAAHH, OH GOD.”

    I think I D:’d harder at that page than at the dude with the finger through his dick a couple entries back.

  2. i wonder how temporary that is? does it last hours, days? and how much does it hurt? i can just see girls going to get their boobs injected before barhopping on a friday night…

  3. ahh shit Mastisis is sooooo nasty!

    my boobies are scared as we speak im not letting anyone mess with my nipple piercings after reading that article!

  4. the injection seems relatively superficial, although you can’t see the size of the needle. i wonder if it would be safe to enlarge breasts with existing (subpectoral) implants if care was taken?

    depending on the amount injected i’d guess it would last from half to several days..?

  5. The injections look beautiful! Too bad I had to click on the “mastitis” link. Truely puke-worthy…

  6. why-oh-why did i click on mastitis? my breasts have sympathy pains! she has very nice breast before, so i really hope the don’t rot off. that is all.

  7. here i was thinking that it was a good alternative to the push up bra, and then i saw the link… at first i thought mastitis was just lol-term for mass(ive) tit-is but oh that is totally not what i had in mind

  8. I agree that that’s a really good result.
    It seems like it could be a nice way to see how one’s boobs might look before committing to (semi)permanent implants.

  9. Is THAT was Britney was doing? (Oh, gawd, sorry, the first thing I thought of was back in the day when people made a big deal over her apparently fluctuating breast size.)

  10. It’s unfortunate that the injected breasts have developed that upside-down teacup look of breast implants…

    I’ve never been sure why this qualifies as “body modification” and sex reassignment, cosmetic surgery, weight loss and similar changes apparently don’t.

    Meh. I don’t really see the point of this particular entry, unless it’s to facilitate Homeresque amusement: small breasts, big breasts! Small breasts, big breasts! Small breasts, big breasts!

    Unless it’s to see how many times people can use the word “breasts” in a post….

  11. Bobb, I have to admit I find it interesting that of the 30+ posts you’ve made here, you’ve never had anything good to say about anyone… Quite the miserable fellow.

    In any case, saline injection is a subject that BME covers and has huge amounts of information and galleries on. I’ve also featured SRS, cosmetic surgery, and weight loss here as well, so I don’t really take your complaints very seriously.

  12. The result is just perfect but I cannot help looking at the hand of the chap doing the injection and noticing it wears no gloves. Maybe there is really no contact but…

  13. mastitis IS very scary. i had my nipple piercings for a year when i developed it, and it took 4 months to get rid of. i went to a million doctors and owe A LOT of money. i’m 23 and had so many sonograms and even had to have a mammogram. lancing didn’t work and i eventually had to have surgery to have the PING PONG BALL size abscess removed. think long and hard ladies before getting anything done to your nipples. i loved my piercings and wish i still had them, but now i have an ugly scar that looks like i had an implant removed or something that i didn’t want or ask for. not to mention the fear of that lump possibly being cancer for 4 months.

  14. Mastitis is deffinatly is very scary but i woudnt use it as a deciding factor on getting your nipples pierced but perhaps on where you get them pierced. I have had multiple Breast abcesses and surgeries to remove them but all were directly related to Breast feeding and was extremely nervous when i made the decision to get my nipples pierced.Ultimately i decided to go through with it and i love them.I did however clean them like a maniac til they healed.
    The Staph virus has been running rampant in the past few years and can enter your body through any cut or scratch .I think infections are a risk we take when we making the decision to modify our bodies.

  15. Tapsa also pointed it out but…no gloves? She looks happier in the second shot but why are there so many many people with “master” in their dom names but not enough safety to “master” general sterilty techniques? You can bet if I has someone pumping saline into any part of my body I would want every possible precaution taken to keep bacteria from getting in.

  16. Looks like a great result to me. Should be a good way for one to determine if they want implants.

  17. i recently saw a video clip on silicone breast pumping, which i think may be an important message to raise awareness about safety and injectables

  18. There is a lot of BDSM videos where they do saline injections in various body parts during “scenes” and most of them do not use gloves. There are some companies who appear to have very sterile conditions and are gloved but a lot of the more extreme videos coming out of countries where safety practices are not monitored you see some very dodgy procedures been done.

  19. lol #2 yeah exactly
    damn FUCK that modblog BANNER!!
    in the right panel she looks hottness!


  20. She has very nice breast before. But I really like this idea. The round shape and fullness that is achieved is very sexy. I’d try it.

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