20 thoughts on “Juba Juba Juba

  1. does he haz bucket?

    sorry, couldn’t resist. i am LOVING that font, and the bright color (all of my tattoos, save one, are blue, i’m such a sucker for blue).

    he has an adorable face. ^_^

  2. I’m in love with beatles tattoos. The font seems to fit perfectly, and it looks like there’s an ocean filling the letters, which is just plain coolness in my opinion

  3. #5
    i was actually just getting on here to comment to ask if people yell “coo coo katchoo!!” at him often.

  4. oh that makes me so happy. mostly because i love walruses, but the beatles are cool too. rock on, walrusman.

  5. *starts singing*
    he is going to get that for the rest of his life!
    he better fucking LOVE this song

  6. oh! i’ve seen him before, on suicidegirls! he seems nice, and i freaking LOVE this tattoo

  7. Gem: who’s the eggman doesn’t matter since I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together anyway.

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