15 thoughts on “Chlorine = Happiness.

  1. …did he play the red-headed albio black-guy criminal from “Guy Thing”?
    No, seriously, that sprung into my head as soon as I saw this.

  2. *wibbles*

    I love dreads. I love mods. I love smiles. I love swimming.

    And good lord do I love cute boys! Nice picture. 🙂

  3. He is beautiful. He just made my day. Is it okay if I ogle your husband, katrina? Please?

  4. how does the chlorine affect yer dreadies?

    I love this shot all smiles and bliss- I filled my kids pool for the first time of the year yesterday and I am waiting to jump in the ocean! hurrray!

  5. The first thing that popped into my head was the image of the Laughing Buddha.
    He looks so overjoyed but at the same time, so tranquil.
    The lobes really complete the picture.

  6. hey just curious… does this guy have a myspace or a iam page… i have had the owner of my shop print it out asking me when i went swimming… check my page… we favor.. alot… it is scary…

  7. I think this type of photo is just the thing that the ‘mod community needs to become more accepted. Candid, ‘normal’ photos of modified folks placed in mainstream magazines and publications.
    We can save the more extreme ones for ModBlog’s appreciation ;p

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