29 thoughts on “Bottom Bling!

  1. Oh, I meant to add this to the entry but I might as well put it here..

    If there’s anything you’d like to see more of or less of on ModBlog, feel free to let me know.

    I don’t know if I’m posting photo entries here permanently but as I am currently, I just want to make you guys happy.

  2. Is it bad that my first thought was “Those are really cool pants…” ? haha

    Yeah..I’d end up ripping it out on something….or someone…..

  3. They look strangely awesome but ouch! How the hell would you sit down?!

    Roo, you’re doing an amazing job

  4. I cant imagine that being very comfterable but hey whatever the person wants.

    I like what your doing with Modblog Roo I hope you get to do it for the long term I think you would def. be the best choice.

  5. What am I looking at here? Are they a pair of surface piercings joining in the crack?

  6. Aieeeeee no!

    As for content–I love the fun, weird, interesting stuff like this–even if I can’t fathom how those will stay in! I infinitely prefer this sort of thing to a generic, blurry photo of a lip ring. Also, MOAR BOOBS.

  7. The microdermals are cute, but all I can think of is “ew” for the asscrack piercing.

  8. Hope they don’t get a pilonidal cyst anytime soon while those are in.

  9. it looks darling but i think a bit uncomfortable, particularly if you’re active.

  10. Those microdermals should be much farther out from the body’s centerline and the stone (or whatever) in the micro implanted in the right cheek, should be green. (If that is green, it should be a different green, one that’s more-obviously green.)

  11. Holier Than Thou is a v good studio.
    I’ve been there for quite a few =]

  12. sorry folks but its a navel (not done at holier) and 2 microdermals

  13. that is a bum crack piercing it was done by (i believe this to be correct) jp (john) at access all areas about a yera or so ago

  14. And about roos posting you are doing a great job with things and im very happy :)

    About the actual posting….my friend would prolly give me a wedgie like he always does when he’s drunk and I believe it would be bloody as hell so props for them for doing it but I hope to god they don’t get wedgied.

  15. gotta love the holier than thou!
    those microdermals look awesome, but having them as bottom bling is surely asking for healing troubles? i’d hate to get my pant waist caught on them!

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