24 thoughts on “Smokin’ Hot Pete..

  1. Tattoos on older people make me so happy. Especially when they’re faded.

  2. I really like his expression.

    And I agree with #4, it’s really great to see older people with tattoos, and especially when they are faded.

  3. i’ve wanted to see some of rob’s work for a while, i’ve heard lots of good things. great photograph.

  4. “How will those tattoos look when you’re older?”

    Fucking badass, that’s how.

  5. Hey, where are all the comments from viewers enraged by the glorification of smoking? Or is everyone just exhausted after the gigantic tizzy raised about the glorification of firearms over the past day or two?

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and compliments. If you would like ot see more, then look on iam under petewithink. My suit is complete apart from adding a collar round my neck, which will be done on 14 June.

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