41 thoughts on “Help, Help. I’m Being Repressed!

  1. what a gorgeous photo of a pretty girl, with some beautiful scarification and aweome nipple piercings :D

  2. Dear Roo,

    Thank you for keeping up the time-honored tradition of smoking hot modded girls tied up or in otherwise compromising positions.



  3. i know i’ve already commented but i seriously cannot express how gorgeous this photo is, Tis beautiful :D

  4. BOOBS!

    i was almost worried about what the state of boob would be without shannon haha!

    what a beautiful shot, does this remind anyone else of a 20′s movie star?

  5. Ah. Roo still on the editorial team. Shame.

    Alas a positive change of direction is completely unlikely and we’ll still get women paraded as meat for the masses to rate.

    At least Shannon was partially educated and aware, alas Roo appears determined to continue the adolescent attitude towards women.

    “We need to replace all of these sexualised images with ones showing women in positive settings – ones that show the uniqueness and competence of women” Dr Eileen Zurbriggen

    In their latest research, The American Psychological Association explored the world the media creates for females. They focused on sexualization of women and girls and have discovered how it is occurring in the media all around us. Images with little to no requirement for sexualisation frequently had women in sexual poses despite the context or the primary (preferred) reading of the text.

    If this article was truly about the scarification (as the tags denote) then there was no need at all to show her breasts. Gratuitous and demeaning.

    Were this an article on sex or sexuality then the pose, picture and showing of breasts would have been entirely justified.

    Roo you are a puppet. Time to start taking control Mr Crumbs.

  6. MistahG, your right. If the picture was to focus solely on her scarification then her breasts would be unneeded in the picture. It’s a good thing the picture seems to be focusing on the model with her scarification as addition.

    Did I mention that it’s her choice to show off her body and breasts as she sees fit? Unless she’s REALLY tied up, which I doubt.

  7. @MistahG
    If you truly believe that people shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves, stop expressing yourself.
    Some people take photos, some people write music, some people paint. Some people troll forums.

    I love the scars, and they contrubute well to the whole composition. Expressive, but not over the top. For some reason, the whole picture seems clean and rather classical to me. Congrats on the genes and what you’ve done with them =]

  8. “appears determined to continue the adolescent attitude towards women”

    Funny, the only one I ever really see doing that on here is you Giles.

  9. Why are people over-analysing a really beautiful picture? :(

    It’s well composed, the girl is gorgeous, and her body on show gives her mods some context. A good photograph is far more interesting than just a picture showing her mods and nothing else. And she looks happy enough to be posing like that :)

  10. I love her scars so much! And she has beautiful breasts; the diagonal nipple piercings really work for her.

    And while I absolutely agree that women are over-sexualised in an unnecessary way by the media, it’s unreasonable to say that it’s always inappropriate. She looks beautiful showing off her mods and her body, and to me this isn’t an overtly sexual picture so much as a picture of a beautiful human form. Should we eschew Renaissance art because of its depiction of nude women?

  11. If she covered up her boobs then you wouldnt be able to see her lovely nipple piercings. I like the angles that they were pierced on. Maybe I will do mine on an angle like that…*starts thinking*

  12. If she didn’t have nipple piercings, then maybe I could see what #27 is saying regarding the inclusion of her naked breasts as unnecessary. However, seeing as how that IS a mod, well…then do we even need to question why they are in the picture?

    And I happen to have a feeling that she chose to take this picture to show them off in addition to the scars, so I can hardly see where the showing of her breasts “oversexualizes” her. Some women who choose to get those piercings do so to emphasize their sexuality. Many other piercings are chosen because of the hightened sexuality that comes along with them, which is a wonderful part of the beauty of body mods. Sexuality isn’t a bad thing, #27, don’t be scared. =)

  13. ROO, I totally agree with you :)
    We see penises all the time..its not too bad to see breasts once in a while hah.

    All i got to say is that the human anatomy is beaufitul

  14. Unless the owner prefers them hidden /pedantisy
    Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a septum piercing and tits in the same photo.

  15. She is be-e-a-OOdiful.
    What a stunner.
    And this isn’t demeaning, it’s empowering. She obviusly feels sexy and comfortable in her own skin, and if that’s demeaning, I wish I were that demeaned. ;)

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