A Whole Lot Of theNOTHING

Jonn (who I must apologise to because he just left Toronto and we didn’t meet up) ponders the meaning of nothing during the first Wales and West Suspension Group event, UK..

16 thoughts on “A Whole Lot Of theNOTHING

  1. I was sat just across from MrNothing whilst this was taken! As I recall it took quite some doing to get those weights back out… :P

  2. There us a Wales and West Suspension Group and i dont know about it? OMG what is wrong with the world.

  3. Wow awesome. And don’t worry Roo, I’m sure I shall make my way back to Toronto at some point :P

    I should just clarify, whilst there is a wales & west suspension group we aren’t up and running properly yet, but when we are I’m sure there will be some kind of announcement or party or something :P

    And I had no idea I was lesbian sex symbol ;)

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