26 thoughts on “Fun In The Sun

  1. Dreads lookin a lil knappy, check out dreadheadhq dot com, they’ll fix u up. OTher then that, nice mods 🙂

  2. #5 as convincing as your unsoported statement is, would you care to elaborate? I just think they would suit her beter with less frizz. Also diggin the naked lobes

  3. Roo – it’s really eyecatching. I actually think it kind of added some (unintended?) humour to the photo. She seems so happy, but little does she know there is a modblog watermark lurking on the horizon…

  4. LOL DHHQ is a bad move. love the natural style of dreads she is rocking there. any chance of a more clear picture of the scarification

  5. Love the hair! dont like when all dreads are looking perfect and the same, its perfect as it is

  6. ah she is so cute! i love the wild dreadies and naked lobes, wish i could see the scar better.
    yeah man, stay away from dreadhead hq that shit will fuck your dreads over. naturalness ftw. check dreadlocktruth.com, thatll set you strait 🙂

  7. i agree with the other laura – dreads should be free to grow and mature at their own pace, and everyone’s dreads are different.
    to alex (2) – dreadheadhq.com will be more than happy to take your money and give you shit that you really don’t need at all.

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