29 thoughts on “Half An Inch Of Stupidity..

  1. the ears look pretty healthy
    is it bad that it took me about 5 minutes to decide weather this was a boy or a girl?
    i THINK it is of the male variety but im STILL not sure….

  2. *hits self on head*
    well I couldnt tell by the face
    but BMEboys gives it away
    but its always fun to try and guess first ^.^
    he is really pretty either way

    I’m voting for this as most clever IAM name… if it was intentional.

  4. i was not aware a myspace friend request had anything to do with his being “basically married”

    only slutty immature girls use myspace as a dating service, im not all about that.

  5. beautiful plugs, hilarious 15 year old comments!
    i wish i had 15 year olds bummed at me not approving them, SOOO jealous.

  6. seeing as how my age seems to be so hilarious to a select few,

    id just like to remind you quickly, you were ALL 15 once too. unfortunately, it seems as though a few of you didn’t grow out of your adolescent stage as gracefully as you may think.

    now, return your attention to the picture in the post, and his really nice lobes please

  7. I love the wrist and forearm tattoos, so simple but so effective. I’m really tempted to copy.

  8. Acid I think you need glasses sweetheart. I just can’t quite understand how you thought he could possibly be a girl.

  9. when i first saw this pic months ago i fell in love with your tattoo’s, i have to know what inspired them? almost makes me want to shave my beard….almost

  10. jonny, first of all thank you very much. secondly, the inspiration for my (eventual) sleeves is a collaboration of different things. mainly my love for mathematics, but also heavy blackwork and traditional polynesian tribal.

    and its not my fault im bald-faced. i just can’t grow facial hair. haha

  11. i don’t understand why age is an issue. i’m sixteen and pretty mature for my age/pretty educated about mods for some body my age too.

    i don’t even care that i’ll get called a stupid young fan girl for saying this- but he is really attractive. surely that’s the reason this picture was posted, for our feed back/appreciation of him and his mods?

    i love it when adults resort to insulting some body based purely on age- as if that alone is enough of an insult to ‘destroy’ the other person’s credibility. (more of a general internet comment as opposed to a modblog comment tbf)

  12. My judgment on her isn’t purely based on age, it’s based on the fact that she’s concerned with trivial things, which shows her immaturity.

    I have nothing against young people.

    Oh, and both Kevin’s ears are stretched.

  13. my “he denied me on myspace” comment was not meant to be taken seriously!

    jesus, the fact that you automatically assume that I’m really “concerned” with something like that shows YOUR apparent tendency towards age discrimination.

    im not trying to be a bitch but i think it boils down to the fact that you dont want any girl aside from yourself to note your boyfriends attractiveness, but if thats the way you want it to be, maybe you should find someone ugly to date.

    one can only assume that when you were my age you were most likely pretty grown up and im SURE that you were equally as offended when people made snide remarks about your age as i am now (im basing this off the fact that by societies standards you’re still young, and quite modified. everything you have done looks wonderful, by the way.)

    and although this is directed solely to Little Miss Strange, i think EVERYONE should gain a little bit of sensitivity towards the situation, and not just for my sake but for the sake of all the young people like me who love and appreciate body modification just as much as the other people on this website.

    now, lets put this whole thing to rest, ok?

  14. i have 2 inch lobes and they look really small on me is it because im big??

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