48 thoughts on “Sweet Propaganda

  1. I’m most curious about what her left knuckles say. I can read the right hand.

  2. i agree with #9. but then you could argue that she isn’t eating them. and you can argue that her tattoo ink isn’t vegan and blah blah blah blah

  3. oh come on, I bet she’s not vegan, she just wanted to have a cool tattoo 😉

    And seriously, shes just beautiful. And I dont care if shes vegan or not 🙂

  4. duuuude, when she gonna finish that damn sleeve, tis been lined for years

  5. i those specific ones can’t be vegan, ’cause the only vegan pastries i can find are WAY skimpy with the frosting goodness.

  6. Is it just me or are all the chicks on mod blog lately rather large breasted? not that it’s a bad thing 😛
    Why’s she holding a spanner(?) in the first pick though?

  7. She’s amazing?pure beauty!i think this advertising program realy works!
    meat suck!!!-see…

  8. Where are those donuts from?! People’s Donuts in Berkeley are good, but are all organic unrefined sugar/etc. Ronald’s Donuts in Las Vegas are all the junk food one could want, but not as colourful!

    And well yeah, beautiful vegan women with ink and steel++ but a good vegan donut is at least something attainable for me (dreaming of beautiful women like that just leads to frustration and depression). :-/

  9. oh i kinda thought that the donuts wrnt vegan and that this was an artsy foto mixing sexy and unhealthy elements but wtf do i no

    somehow; myself being vegan as well; i am not attracted to this girl….. whats wrong with me i mean the nudity does nothing for me??? i think im dying. I usually go insane over colorful tats/elements on white skin… its not happening for me tho EVEN WITH THE SPRINKLES (omg omg not even the sprinkles!)


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