The Sacral Spot

Seeing as the last bottom related post went down so well, here’s one from nospec, according to the notes that came with the photo it’s a DIY job! It may well be that things were confused in translation, but if not he’s far more flexible than I am..

21 thoughts on “The Sacral Spot

  1. I want to meet the man who can successfully pierce his own ass crack. That’s just impressive.

  2. my tailbone has been broken now for about 5 years (there’s not a whole lot you can do for it medically) so with all the pain i experience from sitting down during the day i cant even fathom how much more it would hurt to have a piercing in my crack! oh Lordy

  3. Jesse, I think I know what you’re talking about. If so, I had 2 surgeries for it. Now I have a scar that I tell people is where they cut my tail off.

  4. I thiunk crack peircing are awesum on females….on hairy bum cheeks…not so into it…but that could also be that I’m not very into hairy bum cheeks at all lolol

  5. To #11 and 12: I also had surgery for a pilonidal after having it open and draining for 2 years. Maybe I’ll get a piercing on the scar.

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