Wide Eyes

Singer is no stranger to Modblog but that doesn’t stop him from making it again.

“Today I sewed my lips to a jennings gag. It was my first time using sutures which was a little tricky getting the hang of. After the first one it got easier. I never thought that I had big lips until I was trying to push those needles through and the skin on the inside of my lips stretched like a 1/4″ before letting the needle poke through. It looked pretty silly… “

25 thoughts on “Wide Eyes

  1. I just had my wisdom teeth out, so this gives me a little insight on what the procedure must have looked like..

  2. The picture looks great, and it’s cool. But like Archetype I don’t get it.

  3. They should put this picture up in a dentist office threatening to do it to kids who wont open their mouths and say AWWH!

    Just me?

  4. Very pretty eyes. And FRECKLES!!!!

    I bet this would get uncomfortable after a while.

    How long did he keep the gag in?

  5. I have a weird thing for metal gags and braces and other contraptions. Plus the bloody crusty bits.
    This photo is SECKS. *fans self*

  6. oooooh fuck
    im attracted to this
    ..and im a guy
    …..thats bad huh?
    im speechless it’s just so pretty


  7. “Today I sewed my lips to a jennings gag…”
    Totally nonchalant and completely enticing.

    His plugs bring out the green in his eyes.

  8. OKay I admit the photograph is cool…
    but the only thing that I could think of was “wow the shit people do to be on modblog” each to his own I know… but I just thought we would of grown out of this already…
    I still like the picture though

  9. I always feel slightly confused when reading comments on modblog.

    To answer some questions or comments.
    1. Yes, having your jaw completely opened can become a little discomforting but not as a result of the sutures. I went between opening and closing it to give my jaw a break between pictures. I wore it fully set up for only 15 minutes.

    2. I have never seen Saw so i’m not sure what you are associating this with.

    3. As for a meaning, I came up with my own concepts on what it means to myself but I wasn’t expecting people to understand them with just a picture. It’s just what the image means to myself. i.e. like looking at a painting, it meant a particular something to the artist but could mean a million other things to other people. If you are curious of my ideas on this picture, than ask me personally.

    4. I was asked by Rachel if she could post this picture. I enjoy doing a variety of things with my body for fun and exploration that I document at times at just happened to post these pictures on here. If people find interest in it, that’s great, that’s why I read modblog, to see things that interest me. It doesn’t mean that I do things specifically to be featured on here though. I do things because they make me happy which as simple as it sounds is always the part which people on here don’t understand.

    Thanks Rachel for the support, you’re a dream.

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