**man in the Mirror.

I’ve no real reason to apologise (I kept you entertained over the weekend, after all) but sorry for the few updates today, it’s been super busy and then I visited my doctor. It was fun!

I just wish he wore glasses like ferdudurke, then I wouldn’t notice him winking at me.

22 thoughts on “**man in the Mirror.

  1. I really like the colors and the reflection on his glasses. They make this photo look like a movie poster to me.

  2. I miss Shannon. He didn’t update half as often, but his updates were always interesting. Lately it’s just been a dozen random images a day.

  3. I miss Shannon and his unique brand of humour. The updates have been more frequent but way less entertaining.

  4. Yes, Shannon is missed around here but I think Roo is doing a fabulous job keeping ModBlog going. I’m so glad it hasn’t died, and I’m glad to see a familiar face pick up where Shannon left off.

    Keep doing your thing Roo!

  5. I will miss Shannon, but i think Roo is doing a great job keeping this site up. Keep up the good work man. Oh, and love his nostrils!!!!

  6. Shannon will be missed but Roo is still doing a great job ^_^

    I love the white ink piece on his forehead
    And I must say I can’t resit a dread head ^_^

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