First Degree Tattoo

Megan sent in this funny photo of her whilst being tattooed by Chad (Third Chapter Tattoo, Bozeman, MT). Read on for some healed shots of their work so far..

First photo by Sarah Martin.

36 thoughts on “First Degree Tattoo

  1. thanks diego, but i just feel like pointing out the whistle… it has my curiosity :)

    so megan love if you see this clarify it for me :)

  2. Her expression in the first photo is just fantastic and the ink is amazingly beautiful…the kind of artwork I would be proud to have myself.

  3. the expression is classic. does anyone else get a younger prettier tattooed Molly Ringwald?

  4. megan takes beautiful photos and you all should buy her book. it will give you a a different view of the montana music scene.

  5. Megan is sort of like my hero. Although, the last two are her photographic genius, not mine. I only catch her when she’s happy.

  6. My necklace is indeed a whistle Vegas :) And thanks so much Evan! Sara you’re you’re MY hero! You’re pretty much my body mod coach haha!

  7. 17: I got that impression too!

    The white ink tattoos are amazing, very elegant looking. But correct me if i’m wrong, don’t they take alot more touchup work and maintenance?

  8. I’ve discovered white ink really depends on the artist, the ink, and how you treat it after words. UV rays will destroy your white, but the white ink in an old tattoo on my calf is definitely still there, hardly pigmented at all. The white on my shoulders is doing fine as well, although it hasn’t been through a summer yet.

    High fives Megan! Chad rules!

  9. i must insist, this is my favorite entry in a long time.
    and megan: you take great photos, is there any chance i could get your book mailed in to guatemala? haha

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