0.5% Alcohol

My dad used to treat me to the odd shandy or two when I was younger (I felt like such a grown-up!), so I can totally partially relate to this tattoo on IAM jam..

By Xtina “La Gypsy”, Tattoo Vibes, Amsterdam.

9 thoughts on “0.5% Alcohol

  1. Wow .. I just had a moment there. I thought this was a stomach tattoo and was like “Where is their belly button! o.O”

  2. i still have yet to drink a shandy, but love them name since it’s only one letter away from mine (shandi).. anyhow, cute tribute to weak alcohol ;]

  3. tonight i ran into a girl i sort of know at a local tattoo shop, and she was getting a tattoo very similar to this on her stomach (above the navel), it looked pretty much exactly the same, except the banner read her last name instead of something this awesome.

  4. HAHAHAHA great. Shandy’s about all I can handle without getting sick, too.

    Hope they get it coloured in later, this looks nice but unfinished.

  5. hey Jam darling, this is looking sweet! Cant wait for the colour pics. I demand colour pics! :D Telyn – I’m with you – so getting “cider drinker” somewhere on my person!

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