Laundry, Check!

So, it took magneticdistortion over two years to finish her laundry, and now she’s tackling her next task. Everything!

I wonder if she ever rang Alex?

I’m much more efficient, today I splashed out on a stick of 1GB DDR RAM for my (borrowed) computer, what does this mean for you? It won’t take five minutes for Photoshop to resize an image I’m editing for ModBlog. 256MB just doesn’t cut it.

8 thoughts on “Laundry, Check!

  1. I removed it because it had already been posted.

    My mistake, in theory there shouldn’t be any duplicates in the queue but I’ve got a bad memory and a few slip through :)

  2. I saw the post it note temporary tattoos at an urban outfitter the other day. Much less painful than the real thing, although I love mine just the same!

    And the laundry just keeps piling up, anyone care to come over and do mine for me?

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