41 thoughts on “Singapore Pride

  1. Holy cow, they look about schoolgirl age. They must be really good at hiding their piercings. (My siblings all went to boarding school in S’pore, and the schools are pretty fussy about uniform issues.)

  2. Xenobiologista – pinkbunnie’s nineteen this year.. see her IAM page.

    And what is it with (the fascination of) questioning people ages these days? :)

    Not just you, it’s just I’ve seen a lot of comments along those lines..

  3. Cute! Though I don’t get drawn on eyebrows… at least in her case they’re pink not boring old brown.

  4. I think drawn on brows look good on some, in this case they look pretty good on Wati. Me on the other hand? I couldn’t stand waking up and looking like a ninja turtle any longer….

  5. I’m quite sure the hair is fake. if you take a close look on the pink streak with the white stripe at the end you’ll see that it looks exactly the same on both of them.

  6. beyond_repair – maybe they were wrapped the same way?

    Anyways, I love this picture. They’re so cute, and so happy-looking!

  7. I like this pic too!:) By the way those are definitely sythetic dreads, no problem with that though, lot of time and effort to make them (unless you order them) and they’re a lot of fun.

  8. wahh. yes its really strict in public school here in singapore. we’re only allowed to have 1 lobe piercing on each side and we have to go through alot just to keep our piercings… but we’re not in school anymore so we don’t really have to hide our piercings from anyone.


  9. And the body mod scene, if you’d like to share?

    In fact, I’m surprised you can access BME. Pornography, issenit?

  10. beyond_repair
    : they are synthetic dreads and wrapped in the same way.

    zombie z
    : no those are bubble soap, we loveeeeee them!

    : we completed and had our fair share of schooling days.. piercings could be hidden but the hair definitely cant.. haha.

    : the mod scene in Sg is picking up steadily at a good rate.. and we are old enough to access BME..

    last but not least, YAYYYYYY.. this made our day even sweeter.. thankies! :D
    blush blush*

  11. well i’m not so sure about the other music scenes but we have a small diy hardcore punk community with a lot of sincere kids doing shows together.. distros..etc and we have lots of touring bands playing here.

    singapore is actually quite a modern country compared to other south east asian countries, so we can access to BME and other sites even if it’s inappropirate sites like pornography. the body modification scene in my opinion, is starting to grow. you see a lot of kids on the street with visible facial piercings and with shows like ‘miami ink’ and ‘la ink’, more people are getting bigger tattoo pieces.

  12. When I was last in Singapore, it was really obvious about the modernness of the country, it’s just the conservatism that jars with me, so I’m surprised that the scene has been able to grow.

  13. Oh god I miss Singapore :( I went there a couple of months ago to visit my cousins who live there, and I loved it. But I didn’t manage to see more than i pierced septum in 12 days :s ah well, the septum was on one of the hottest girls I’ve seen so I guess that makes up for the abscence of other modded people :P
    And yes, the schools are CRAZY about anything odd whatsoever, my cousin was warned that she would be thrown out of school if she didn’t undye the blue highlights she did in her hair, the first day she had them…

  14. Well, I’ll have to take a look next time I’m in the region. So long as the piercing shops aren’t run by Ah Bengs.

  15. graphicoverdrive
    : yes they have this policy called “dresscode” which fusses about every lil thing.

    : right on, good way to put it.. but it definitely beats malaysia’s level of conservatism.. u know what i mean ;)

  16. most south east asians are very traditional so not everyone can accept the body modifications we do but like i said, some are starting to open up to the idea of it.

  17. I’m kinda amazed to see this from Singapore. I always thought that country was conservative or something

  18. We’ve a tiny minimal scene of interesting ppl — music and mod-wise.

    Dnb, trance, detroit techno, sweet old indie et cetera. You just must know where to go (and where not to)!

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