Lungs Like Canary, Nose Like Awesome.

You might call me fickle, but I don’t care. I think I’m in love again! A couple more photos after the break..

High nostrils by Josh Coburn, Slingin’ Ink, Grinnell, Iowa.

57 thoughts on “Lungs Like Canary, Nose Like Awesome.

  1. Again! The symmetry!! That I do love. Yay.
    Oh, symmetry.

    Her eyes are cuttttee.

  2. wowwwww and to amras? lol, thats liek the epic question mah bro said while playing grand theft auto a few years back

    “why do all the good cars have car alarms?”

    because all the cars worth stealing are worth protecting

    and because all the pretty girls that are worth being attracted to, are also worth dating :)

  3. I envy her lip piercings. I wanted to get them done but my lips were too thin. :[ But anyways, she’s an extremely gorgeous girl with stunning eyes.

  4. Brittany – seriously hon..get a new word. Or better yet, just shut up..sick of seeing your negative comments.

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    and I agree with #5
    nice modblog logo placement Roo.
    I almost mistook it for a tat until i read it!

  6. OOooOOOo big eyes and symmetrical piercings very nice :o)
    Agree with #32 I also mistook it for a tattoo really nice subtle modblog tag Roo (I’ll also use this time to say how great Modblog has been and that I’ve really been looking forward to new posts and how frequent they’ve been, Thanks Roo).

  7. OMG! Quite possibly the most stunningly beautiful girl I have ever seen!

  8. She looks oddly like someone I know.

    More importantly, she looks like someone I have a crush on. ;)

  9. i love the high nostril but i’ve never seen a set of bites actually come through the lip.. absolutely stunning

  10. I’ve been surfing ModBlog/BME for five years now and I have to say she is the prettiest girl I have seen. Come to Mod Prom!

  11. wow she is amazing!
    no makeup and still so beautiful, natural beauty is wonderful.

  12. Aw everything about Sara is GORGEOUS. My man did a sweet job on the piercings. :]

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