Now, Make a Wish!

I’m not sure why (perhaps she felt she was too old for the int0rw3b, as I can’t find her on IAM), but a girl calling herself IAM: tat2edtomato87 decided to celebrate their 21st birthday in style..

21st birthday. 21 piercings. 21 candles.

If anyone could track her down I’d appreciate it, I’ve got a birthday blow waiting for her..

21 thoughts on “Now, Make a Wish!

  1. any one else notice that his face matches his shirt? Is that him or is it sheer coincidence he’s making the same face? hmmm…

  2. HAAHAAH! didn’t notice the thing with the face-matching-tshirt.. coool x)

    But I think this pic is dope (:

  3. It’s my birthday (20th) today as well… but I didn’t do anything nearly as cool.

  4. That’s ME!!! And I’m a chick by the way! AND…yes that is a picture of me on my shirt!

    xoxox Michelle aka tat2edtomato

  5. i no her she is my brothers x-girlfriend her name is michelle walker hey how you doing this is scott

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