Bink And You Miss It

Now, before you go shouting about how much you dislike those surprised faces people make, I can safely say that IAM: Rippershow (www) genuinely was!

Who’d like a “this is the face I make when I have needles through my flesh” category?

31 thoughts on “Bink And You Miss It

  1. I know her!! She is gorgeous. She did my ears a few years ago. Really cool person.

  2. what a cutie!
    andi love the placement of her piercings, they compliment each other really well, without over crowding :)

  3. Whoa I was totally thinking of doing the same thing with my snakebites! Glad to know it looks so good.

  4. Roo- Lol, that made me giggle like a school girl. I wish she did though!! Nah, she just pierces in the town I reside in :P.

  5. I usually don’t post on things like this, but I had to say that this girl is probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Ever.

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