Grin and Wear It.

Try telling IAM: wearethesynthetic that BME kids are a miserable bunch, if he doesn’t kick your arse his son will!

I got a new tattoo on Saturday. It’s a graffiti tag of my four month old son’s name – Sage. It was also a cover-up of some dumb-shit thing I did when I was young. They’re pretty cute cuz my boy is wearing a bme-baby onesie that my chick’s sister made for him.

25 thoughts on “Grin and Wear It.

  1. Aww his sister made it. I was thinking “since when is there bme baby gear?”

    Too cute.. must go make now for my baby brother.

  2. oh no a baby near a tattoo! How disgusting, children shouldn’t be associating with tattoos at this age.*

    *a piss take on a previous entry where a child had a fake tattoo and it was suddenly a big deal

  3. kids not old enough to know tattoos are permanent shouldn’t have one, terry. people freaked out because that fake tattoo was done so well it looked real.

  4. Nice baby, but have he shaved of his eyebrows? my kid had brows since birth

  5. Transdermal: Seeing as how he as little hair on his head too, and the hair seems very fair, I doubt they have shaved his eyebrows.

  6. Sooooo cute!!
    Transdermal: I was the same when I was a baby : nearly no eyebrows and no hairs…^^

  7. i regularly shave off my kids’ eyebrows. they’re such a hassle to style in the mornings so i just got rid of them.

  8. XD hahaha

    That is a cute pic though and the tattoo is very nice too.
    Can your chick sister make me a BME onesie ^_^

  9. i was equally amused by the baby, the baby outfit, and that he called her his chick… but i’m most amused by the idea of shaving off children’s eyebrows. it just makes me laugh maniacally.

  10. Lol, transdermal. Of course they shaved off the kid’s eyebrows, because if your baby had eyebrows at birth, then EVERY OTHER baby did too!

    God I love the BME onesie.


    PS. Both my boys were baldies as babies.. and it looked like they had no eyebrows because the hair was SO LIGHT.

    PSS. I wish I could have found a onesie like that when my kids were babies. That kicks ass.

  12. Yay! Thats my baby, both of em! I want to vouch for the fact that he does indeed have eyebrows; they are just really light. 😉

  13. *____* oh my goodness…
    this almost makes me feel like I want to have a baby…

  14. that little pumpkin really is adorable =) hehehe very cute, I always love pictures like that
    and yeah that’s also a nice piece of art there on your arm, it turned out pretty good.

  15. funny someone actually comented me, i va just fucking around. i just love kids

  16. too adorable! though i wish the graffiti tag had more reason… does he DO graffiti?

  17. I think having your kid’s name tattooed is reason enough. And that baby definitely has entered my ‘cutest kids in the world’ category.

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