Shove It Up Your Arse!

Well, in and around it at least. We’re all about promoting the benefits of cross-contamination control here on ModBlog.

Anyway, it seems seeing this whet your appetite for more hook-in-arse action, well, look no further than this set of photos from IAM: ninjabear.. Read more!

(Still not satisfied? – 1, 2*, 3, 4)

* – Yeah, yeah, but it was still worth a mention, I think.

18 thoughts on “Shove It Up Your Arse!

  1. I like how modblog is photoshopped into the wood on the first photo :]
    *insert ass joke here..*

  2. Man that looks painful but that’s the very first ass suspension I have ever seen.
    I love it!

  3. Experience of a lifetime. And now I want to do it again. As for age, who gives a shit?

  4. Do you think when he sits down, it shoves out the air bubbles?

    “Man, did you just fart?!”
    “Nah, that was my rice krispies.”
    “I am a certified ASStronaut!”

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