For The Love Of Spectacles

I once tried to pull the wool over the eyes of a school appointed optician in the hope they’d think I was short sighted and give me a pair of glasses (It didn’t work and I got told off), so I’m pretty envious of these two buggers!

On the right is Julia and her new septum piercing (this was pierced by uhh… Gary? Dave? Something like that. He was cute.) and on the left is Peter sporting a nostril hole by Dan Marshall, Sacred Balance, Calgary, Alberta, which he has since stretched all on his own, bless.

21 thoughts on “For The Love Of Spectacles

  1. god forbid i piss off another girlfriend by saying this, but peter just so adorable.

    kids with glasses (and/or large gauge nostril piercings) make me melt!

  2. Just do a *lot* of reading in the dark Roo, and you’ll get there soon enough 😉

  3. Roo, you can buy cheap glasses at drug stores that have practically no prescription to them at all.

  4. I always felt the same Roo but I think I’m finally there after staring into the middle distance a lot.
    And that hole is very lovely.

  5. glasses suck, there are so many limits to having the need to wear them. don’t get me started on the cost of them either. these two people are attractive but i don’t think they are because they have dark rimmed glasses on.

  6. I think they actually look better without the plugs. There’s a nice subtlety to the holes that you don’t get with the jewelry in. It looks really good. Also he’s mad hot.

  7. Gross. So… these guys were both posted because they share the same taste in trendy, overdone glasses, or what?

  8. I always wanted glasses too, I wear fake ones sometimes…

    The more I see them, the more I think I’m starting to like the idea of stretched nostrils…

  9. You could always get the specs and have clear lenses put in them, or alternatively buy a pair that already have clear lenses in them from Urban Outfitters. And here’s me fiddling with contacgt lenses cos I hate to wear spex : /

  10. glasses are horrid when you have to have them..always being blind and contacts tend to get uncomfortable….you could just wear frames roo 😀 or get fake lenses

  11. Roo I love wearing glasses, you could totally get fake lenses and frames if you wanted to.

    the glasses I own are novelty glasses from a store, and had lenses put in them. this way if I break them I just go back and buy a new pair of frames and go and get my lenses put in them.

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