You get a job. You become the job.

Aaron Peters (China Doll Tattoo, Hammond, Indiana) took matters into his own hands and tattooed this Taxi Driver themed piece on himself..

Oh and Aaron? There’s tattoo studios for that.

23 thoughts on “You get a job. You become the job.

  1. Wow. I don’t know if its the perspective of the photo or what, but that is seriously kick ass.

    I really love how you blurred the detail in the gun and made it almost grainy looking, like an actual film still.

    If I ever go to Indiana, you will have my business.

  2. Great Movie…and the tattoo looks great too. I would like to see a photo of the hole body to see how the tattoo acts..

  3. I fuckin’ love this. What limb is it on? If it’s on the arm like it looks then it’d be fuckin’ great. Really well done for doing it on yourself, love it.

  4. roo i know you are totally joking but yeah there are shops but not way too many that can do that well. hahahaha. this tattoo fucking rocks. and roo you rock

  5. lol. i have no watched that movie in well i have no idea how many years. more naked women please to match up to the amount of men you are posting. heh

  6. sorry, it was more a comment on the shop and not the artist. it is quite good work.

  7. 17# If a tattoo artist can do this well on himself, then he’s going to be a hundred times better on someone else skin… and this is magnificently done. I thought it was a ‘shop at first (photoshopped image) but im leaning towards it being real…

  8. hey i really appreciate all the positive comments. it is on my left forearm and the gun is pointing in, at me.
    and in reply to quinnn…kinda funny in regards to your comment about the shop. I guess i felt the same somewhat, and ironically just left to start at a brand new shop on RT. 30 in Hobart near Southlake Mall.

  9. great work aaron, you are awesome. and to anyone who thinks this is a photoshopped image you are wrong, i know the artist and have 2 tattoos by him.

  10. Yes, He did this on his own arm. If you think he is talented you should see the work the people he learned from do! They are even better! The name of the shop is China Doll Tattoo in Hammond, IN

  11. yeah his tat is real. he did a real kick ass killer broken heart on my back. anyone who i show it too, usually their jaw drops.

  12. hopefully my son will be as talented as his Father every single one of his tats is AWESOME!!!!

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