13 thoughts on “Tape Monkey

  1. Oh Danni, dont you know, ion the 21st century, your plastic box is obsolete.

    Caitlin totally said those would make it on to here.

  2. skin removal?

    also, i love the watermark. at first i was like, “woah, when did they start making modblog hoodies?”

  3. not a skin removal, just pink ink. It came out a lot lighter, so we’re going to darken it up. just wanted something different than than the usual super eye-catching black(though I love ‘em)and i really like pink, so there ya go.

  4. i like the fact that it turned out very light…. i would want to keep it that way…..

  5. the light look is really neat, but you can barely tell they’re there, I wanted fairly subtle not virtually invisible:) and for me listening to tapes and records isn’t a fad, i grew up with tapes and records and still have them, granted i also have cd’s and an ipod, but for me the iconic image of a cassette tape or a record has always been very powerful. just take a look at my chest piece(just started) and a lot of my art, the cassette tape and music in general is a theme I stay pretty consistent with

  6. Very nice and subtle. There’s nothing wrong with vinyl and cassettes, or even reel-to-reel and 8-tracks for that matter. I have all kinds of stuff, even a Beta VCR.

  7. Hey there. A bit off-topic, but how do you do those great watermarks (f.ex. watermarks following the creases of clothes, skin etc)? You use some special program or just Photoshop?

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