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As a precursor to the Northen Ink Xposure tattoo convention (NIX), Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art played host to the Art Fusion Experiment (AFE), which ran June 11-12. On Saturday night at M.O.C.C.A., canvases from the AFE will be auctioned off to benefit Art City in St. James Town, a Toronto-based not-for-profit organization “committed to providing free and accessible art programs to the children of St. James Town.”

11 thoughts on “BME AT NIX 2008 – ART FUSION EXPERIMENT AT M.O.C.C.A.

  1. I’ve been to a few of the Art Fusion Events- always a good time. Being able to watch Guy (who tattooed me years ago) paint right next to Alex Grey is something I’ll never get over.

  2. HauntedxSoul: Do you mean pictures and commentary by other people, not what I just posted here by Jordan and Phil?

  3. The AFE story and photo’s just gave me the biggest heart felt smile imaginable. The beautiful shots of kids and tattooist’s painting together are so priceless.

    Can’t wait for more… :)

  4. ohh ok my bad totally not what i saw on the NIX site :) thanks for making me look again and realise that it wasnt this.

  5. I’m glad things like this exist in the world, and also that the people involved have such an amazing attitude towards it. It’s nice to know that kids now-a-days can experience culture and art, and at the exact same time learn not to be judgemental. I have hope for my son growing up in a world where people (other than your family and friends) believe you are able to excel even though you’re covered in ink.

  6. We raised three grand for these kids thanks to the efforts of the artists and collectors. I hope to do more for this charity. It is a worthwhile program. Just google Art city in St. Jamestown to find out more and get involved.

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