Accidents Can Happen (But They Can Also Be Planned).

Not that I’m making a game out of this like I did with the Penis Pokey entry, but only one of the following digit (whether it be hand or foot) amputations were voluntarily..

The font will probably give it away when you click through but the interesting thing is that the ones that weren’t voluntary occurred before active military service!

29 thoughts on “Accidents Can Happen (But They Can Also Be Planned).

  1. yeah i think so.. the third from the left.. but i have some doubts.. because the first is the only one who don’t looks hurt, and have not (maybe) aparent scars.. it looks like voluntary-medic amputation..
    crazy people are crazy

  2. i don’t think the third one was voluntary, it looks alot like my finger did after i got the tip of it torn off in the gear of a quad… so i think that was accidental

  3. it should be the third.
    Its the only one that doesn’t show the person in some type of military setting (that weren’t voluntary occurred before active military service!)
    also its the only one that doesn’t show the person’s face… which means they may have lead others to believe it was an accident.

  4. I think the voluntary one is the last one…the first and third look too ‘medically’ done, and out of the other two I just guessed.

  5. I’m going to assume the only picture w/o the military camo is the voluntary one?

  6. i go, like Heather, with the one without cammo… not just because of the cammo thing but also look at the pic, i dont know you but i can see some intention there… i dont know why though

  7. i think the 4th was voluntary.. It seems unlikely that the middle finger alone would be damaged in an accident and leave the ring and pointer unscathed.

  8. I think it’s the 34rd one b/c it said: The “font” will probably give it away. And it’s the only one with a different font.

  9. RR gave a clue in mentioning the font and if you look at the fonts in the four, the one with the partially amputated pinky is the odd man out.

    I can think of a number of things that can take a single finger, or part of one, and leave the fingers to either side unharmed. A drill press, a bullet, a single piece of shrapnel, and I’ll stop after naming just three.

  10. “…before active military service” – all of them portray camouflage of some sort, but the third one.

    “The font will probably give it away…” – the font is the same for all of them, but the third one.

    Jesus, how much more hinting do you all need?

  11. second from the left, look at the pride!
    amputation is such a strange modification imo, although having a peg leg would be awesome for pirate fancy dress!

  12. First 1
    Why: When I went in the Army you were required to have good feet. No way in hell the first person would have gotten in. The hands don’t matter as much as long as they won’t interfere with you job.

  13. This reminds me so much of a MAD magazine I bought about ten years ago, that jokingly suggested that the new trend in body modification will be amputation.

    Alfred E. Newman is a visionary!

  14. the idea that there are mods that reduce your ability to perform basic human functions has never EVER made sense to me, but the fact that people exist who ARE into that sort of thing has never bothered me one bit. further, when it comes to less function-affecting mods of this nature (amputation, etc) i could totally see how losing half your 4th finger or possibly a toe would be rather rad (assuming it’s planned of course). either way this stuff has always been hella intruiging (sorry about use of the word hella hahaha)

  15. i’m missing my middle finger due to a work accident. my ring finger was damaged as well but you wouldn’t notice looking at it.

  16. it’s the third they wrote the font will give it away and its the only font that is different the others are basic fonts

  17. I’ve always wanted to remove a portion of my left pinky past the first knuckle, although i was thinking of making it a two part thing. like removing the first segment then removing the second a few decades later.

    I’ve let my ears shrink dont wear jewlery ( dont like the idea of some foreign object just hanging there ) so my tastes have changed somewhat, but i’ve always wanted to cut off part of my pinky.

    i almost want to diesct it. i have it all planned out.

    i’ve been thinking about doing it more recently, but i almost want it to be like a retirement gift for myself, like ah time to relax, buh bye.


  18. #16 – first, it depends what country’s army you joined.. Might be a different rule depending on what country.
    Second, He may very well have already been in the army when this occured. If you look closely RR said “ACTIVE military service”.. as in they weren’t shipped out yet. Doesn’t mean they weren’t in the army though.

    It’s the third.. whoever said the thing about the font and the fact that its the only non-camouflage pic, they’re dead on. Plus, it just has a bme/purposeful feel to it. not sure what it is, but it hit me right away.
    Whoever said it looks too “medical” or too clean… its very likely that the person who did this knows what they were doing in order to do everything right. The fact that it looks like soemthing out of a hospital doesn’t mean anything at all.

  19. #23:
    United States Army. Besides going through all the MEPS (military health enterance exams) stuff, I also have a buddy who is missing a toe who was sent away because of it. To me it’s ridiculous simply because that dude is a bit crazy and was in much better physical condition than me. Oh well, I wish Roo would post the damn answer so we’d know 100%!!!

  20. Definitely none of the fingers that were amputated were voluntary. I know this because, when my country (Lithuania) was occupied by the Russian army, men who wanted to avoid military service would ether amputate their right index finger, becoming unable to fire a rifle, or cripple their leg in a way that it could be used, but not fit for military service. If you loose ANY of your toes, your not able to run as fast because of the human bodies weight/surface area distribution disruption. And that is a valid enough reason to not be able to join the army.

  21. its definatly not the first one, you need your big toe to balence properly, and i think that was accidental

    i think its 3rd or 4th, i havnt closly looked at the silly differences such as fonts etc. just a guess :)

  22. Is it bad that all I could think when I saw the foot picture was Andy from “Weeds”?
    Cause you said it was involuntary and before service. I am such a dork heh

  23. I don’t know about other pictures, but 3rd (pinky) is my :) It was voluntary amputation looks like an accident. I had to do some carpentry work in my house. So, I used a lydocaine and put my pinky in electric milling cutter. After that I called an emergency and a doctor did the rest.
    Why I did it? As long as I remember me I wished to have a finger amputated.
    Why the right pinky? Because this is the only one digit that not used paying guitar.
    And it is not related to military service.

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