25 thoughts on “Hats Make Me Sneeze

  1. i’m not into fashion or whatever but i find these lil hats kinda cute…
    piercings are hot also

  2. I’m torn. . . between wanting to lick her clavicles and wanting to steal her hat!

  3. fancy hat…
    the piercings look like they where always a part of her…they look plain and simple *me likes it*

  4. I wonder if the piercings are fresh.. I don’t see how they could heal, well, mainly the one on our left I guess.

  5. Nice clavicles. I’ve had them done twice, first time they lasted two months second time they lasted 4 and a half months (roughly) Now i’ve got some nasty scarring on the left side.. They were worth it though

  6. ya im guessing surface weren’t use.. or am i the only one that thinks (her right side) looks like its pushing and a it bulgy..

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