Double O Hotness.

I suspect Eric might be a trojan horse sent by the establishment to bring us down from within.

Nobody with piercings can possibly look that smart!

Clickthrough for a facial, but be careful.. those things in his nostrils might be futuristic recording devices sent to spy on us and capable of recording your conversations over the Internets, and causing people to ask him what happens when he has a cold.

And no, he doesn’t look like me as has been mentioned in the past. So anyone on a “search and destroy” mission, please make sure your target is clear and you can see the whites of their eyes. kthx.

37 thoughts on “Double O Hotness.

  1. Yeah, I’m with #2, the jacket looks big!
    Anyway, nice guy! I’m not into big lobes or nostrils but I think the bridge pricing suits him well.
    Have a nice day y’all

  2. Heh, that was the first thing I noticed too, how huge that jacket is on him.

    And honestly, I’m not fond of the mods, either. I’m of the stance that just because you CAN stretch something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  3. 10 or so comments so far and already four people have picked up on the fitting of his jacket. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was immediately flagged by that, but he did button it properly. Kudos for that.

    And naturally kudos for the great set of mods, I really LOVE his bridge piercing.

  4. lol i definately picked up on the jacket first thing as well…i guess my momma taught me well 😛

  5. This boy looks fantaaaastic.
    I have to say, this is one of the few I noticed how good he looked before everything else – including the ill-fitting jacket – which says something for his aesthetic appeal.

  6. Big jacket or not, I think he looks quite dashing. Most of the time I’m not a big fan of nose stretching, but its not as extreme as others have done and it doesn’t look half bad. I love the mods he has.

  7. i must admit i did notice the jacket but i didn’t want to be the jackass to say something about it – i clicked throughh&& ohhh hes adorablee.

  8. This is outrageous! He’s made facial piercings look respectable! Seriously, he’s a good looking guy and the combination of the clothes and the mods is really clever. Does he work in the perfumery at Selfridges in London? Reminds me of a BME pic of the smartly dressed Christian Noni showing his forehead tattoo.

  9. haha awesome!
    all my mods are under my clothes so whenever i tell people i work with i always get some surprised responses,
    but he looks even more buisness like than me

  10. The whole concept reminds me of myself; someone with fairly visible and noticeable (7/8″ lobes and backs of both hands tattooed) dressed in business attire. Admittedly his mods are a bit more ‘extreme’ (maybe noticeable is a better word?) than mine – which makes the contrast even stronger. I think that in a very real way, the two balance each other out – and even though it’s not fair that this should be the case, the conservative attire does help to kind of ‘counteract’ the visible mods in a lot of ‘mainstream’ peoples’ minds. I’m certain that people in the corporate business environment I work in the corporate environment I work in take me more seriously since I do dress in suits every day, regardless of the ears and hand ink.

    And to throw my useless 2 cents in re the jacket – it IS just a wee tad large on him. Since I work with guys in suits daily, I notice stuff like that.

  11. To be perfectly clear, I was referring to myself re: the 7/8″ lobes and tattooed hands. Even though I’ve had no coffee this morning, I can clearly see that his lobes are quite a bit larger than 7/8″.

  12. big pants, shoes, what i want to know ellosara *bats eyes*

    he’s nice looking, i like his eyebrows they’re so precious looking

  13. suit is too big, did some pics for a portfolio i had to do and was out of town so i wore my dads.

    i work for arkema and attend UofM for mechanical engineering…so no i wasnt on my way to court

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