44 thoughts on “And Now, Feel The Vern!

  1. Modified men in suits = total spank bank material.

    Yes, women have spank banks too. 😉

  2. congrats to the fotographer…and for the nice looking model too
    last pic..the dispair on his eyes! xD

  3. Dear god, I could look at modded guys in suits all day.
    Spank bank, is an understatement here. Haha.

    He is one good looking guy.
    That’s for sure.

  4. Very snazzy there! Nice to see how suits can be dressed up a bit with the proper accessories.

  5. i love the top left photo — it looks like it could be a local news anchor promo shot.

  6. Just goes to show people you can look dressy/professional even with modifications.

    I believe “nom nom nom” quite nicely sums up these pictures. 🙂

  7. I used to work in the government and every once and a while I’d see someone with plugs that coordinated with their suit… I wanted to hug them but I thought that would be weird. I love the jusxtaposition, most people think of mods and suits on complete opposites.
    (And yeah, I’m one of those people who coordinates their plugs with their suit, okay?)

  8. haha it’s so cute how long it took him to figure out how to tie his tie. What a doll! Very professional looking though. Mom indeed.

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