Gettin’ Sloppy at RABcon ’99.

Mmm, milk!

“I say, Josh! This milk is most refreshing!”
“I concur, fair Yttrx! Most indubitably!”


“Heavens, Josh! No!”

Heavens, no!


I\'ll show you what a sponge can do!

“Spring forth, my burly protector, and save me!”
“Why, I’ve got just the thing!”

Ooh! Ahh!

Behold! The cleansing power of TSD!


“It’s a miracle!”
“Thanks, TSD!”

(Photos courtesy of Yttrx, who insists all parties involved in this production were dead sober at the time. Sure. Full gallery here.)

34 thoughts on “Gettin’ Sloppy at RABcon ’99.

  1. dont cry over spilt milk.
    I cant help but imagine the crazy gay bear sex that occurred after this sequence. I think I am going to be sick.

  2. Eehehehe This made me giggle, I bet the guy on the right gives AWESOME hugs.

  3. oh…my…god. where are the kitty litter ones? i can confirm the sobriety. i can’t believe allen never used those in his advertising campaign.

  4. I can’t find the kitty litter ones; not much from has survived, but I have a few gems from those days I’ll be posting over on soon. Stay tuned!

  5. I think these are some of the most tame RABcon/munch photos ever. Hotdog down a hallway, anyone?

    I have RABcon 2K video. Somewhere.

  6. i don’t know if i want to remember some of the stuff that went on back then. these were definitely on the tame end of the spectrum.

    don’t you worry, sara. i still have the “meet mr. beam” video. as for the hotdog and the hallway,
    clicky clicky. i stand by my statement that it’s not me in that picture, though. and if it is, that my ear was not a willing participant.

  7. jebuz!that made me laugh so

    …if they are sobber doing this..imagine what they could do if they weren’t drinking milk 8|

  8. something tells me the dude on the right miiiight like dragons ;)

    Great pics :D

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