Jules and John

You can read more about their experience on her IAM page, until then here’s a photo or two of their suspension and pulling evening..

Click it!

Suspension arranged by Brian.

See more in Ressurection Suspension (Ritual)

18 thoughts on “Jules and John

  1. No offense, but can we get some variety? it seems every entry these days are suspensions or weird quotes that mean nothing to anyone but the writer. I miss being able to come here and occupy some time everyday reading and looking at multiple entries. Now a days, we’re lucky to get one a day. I’m really kinda disappointed.

  2. Thanks for choosing this post to point that out. This was a 1:1 Pull/Resurrection. It was a really intense event, and extremely meaningful and important to those involved.

    I too have noticed a definite change in Modblog, yet to decide if I think its a terrible downturn or just difference. Heck for a while there Roo was posting more often than Shannon had been. Seems like just this past week it has slowed down.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that.

    I mean, I think its obvious by the way the numbers of comments on these entries has diminished drastically.

  4. this was a very memorable day for all of the people involved. find another venue to bitch about modblog.

  5. That is absolutely class. I think mod-blog is still a great place to come to and Roo is doing a brilliant job.
    Stop whining! :)

  6. I am in no way whinning/bitching, just stating my opinion.

    I’m sorry if this offended anyone involved in the project pictured here. Maybe if more information about how memorable of an experience this was was shared with the readers of this blog, I would have been more aware. Thats all I’m trying to say. A picture of an event I know nothing about is NOT why I come to ModBlog. I miss the explanations and information that used to come with the really cool pictures, thats all.

  7. I will agree Summer, there has been a marked down turn in explanation associated with pictures. The experience on her page, doesn’t fully explain the situation, but it was a personal event so Julia may well have not wanted to share.

  8. @Roo: Please keep in mind that the vast majority of modblog readers are not IAM members. Julia, like many many others, has blocked the general public from viewing her page, so just including a link to her page that will display only “You are attempting to view a user that either does not exist or a user who has chosen not to allow themselves to be viewed by people who are not IAM members for most isn’t really leading anywhere.
    That’s where an additional sentence or two to accompany the picture comes in handy…

  9. thats not fair Roo…. last i checked it wasn’t free…. wanna buy it for me? And yes, I know we can send in pictures or whatever, right… done that, long time ago, yet no IAM.

    Are you really that lazy you can’t write a sentence or two? Hell, copy and paste from her IAM to the entry.

  10. Summer – Lazy? Haha, no. As Mandic pointed out she may well not have wanted the text part of the text of her experience posted on ModBlog. If she does submit the experience it will appear on BME.

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