1. I absolutely love The Venture Bros. and those tattoos are clean and clever and just put a huge smile on my face. They’re even cooler for being on two different people. Well done!

  2. hey the club tattoo doesnt carry over!!! lol great tat.Im just wondering though if that is a fourth tat on the underside of the leg there,just poking through?

  3. *love* that show!!!!!!!! This makes me so happy! I haven’t seen any other venture bro tattoos around, has anyone else?

  4. they look like they should have silhouettes of earphone wires and an iPod in each of their hands, like the commercials.

    I love it! It just made me think of he commercials for iPod

  5. I approve! They turned out great! :D Hope you’ve been keeping up with season 3! Btw, I’ve got some Venture tats myself…Dean on my left leg, and on my back…and Dean and Hank on both my left and right wrists! AIM me if ya care to see! Dean0Venture
    Super awesome! Go Team Venture! ;)

  6. Best…Tattoos…Ever…Hands down. And I’m mad you stole my friend and I’s idea. Only he was supposed to get The Monarch and I was going to get Dr. Girlfriend. Bastards!!

  7. Oh man… maybe it’s just ’cause I’m coming down from, er, inebriation, but I think there totally needs to be an action shot of her running. That would be sweet.

  8. it is a club – i have a different card suit on each side of my ankles <3

  9. oh, and it’s not a spider – my roommate has mudflap girls tattooed on her thighs

    because she’s three times a lady :P

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