Ok, not really because to win at this post I had to fail at identifying this one, but I can say with 100% certainty that this is a facial tattoo, and a six gauge nostril piercing by Carrie of Sacred Art, Cortland, NY.

29 thoughts on “I WIN!

  1. The spots are so her cheek blends in to the rest of the jungle, right?
    Roo… have you had your genitals indicated lately? >.<

  2. i feel like every septum piercing ever posted is a little crooked and someone always says something about it.

  3. it’s an illusion, the head is at an angle, not the septum piercing.
    great photo still.

  4. Am I the only one who likes crooked septum jewelry in pictures? o.O
    I think it adds a not-so-perfect look to the photo. Makes it interesting.
    Beautiful facial tattoos, though. And piercings. =)

  5. LOVE.
    I don’t care if the jewellery has flipped a little in her septum – come on, they do that! – she looks amazing, and I love that bandanna lol.

  6. Is this the same girl from the big leopard print face tattoo hoo-ha a while ago? I can’t find it now (read: can’t be arsed). At first I wasn’t keen on the tattoo but its grown on me (not literally!)
    …if I was to have it done, I would have faded the spots at the side though.

    Nice nostril piercing as well, looks neat.

  7. Roo, this is like the 5th post i’ve seen that was already posted by Shannon a few months ago….

    …do you not read modblog?

  8. yup its the same girl from the second picture..
    her name is Sarah Slaughter, shes a trucker…
    I did the tattoo almost 3 yrs back now…

  9. Tbh I couldn’t care if she had a big glob of snot hanging from her septum the whole picture is gorgeous!

  10. cool idea, like to see a better pic of it tho. were there some other pics of this same facial tattoo awhile back?

  11. roo – the one with the dreadlocked girl with leopard print arm tattoo, and the one with the woman who’s brother draws similar facial tattoos on himself come to mid…

    not to diss

    i like you

  12. poem – Erm, ok. But they’re not the same photos and there’s never been a “rule” on ModBlog that the same person can’t be featured twice :)

  13. The septum ain’t wonky- the ring is! Nice piercings and leopard spots.

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