Silent Sid

As promised!

Hey ya’all, ready for another visit with Sailor Sid? This time he’s tattooing at Ken Meyer’s place in Kissimmee, Florida.

This video was taken from 8mm film then converted to VHS and didn’t originally have an audio track. As with previous videos this is very much a product of it’s time – aseptic procedure isn’t followed, nor is the wearing of clothes. Sid and Ken specialized in homoerotic tattooing, and wearing awesome hats! Thanks for watching and expect an update with Cliff Raven soon..


Shawn Porter –

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(Previous videos from Shawn can be found here!)

30 thoughts on “Silent Sid

  1. there’s so much penis in those tattoo’s and the video. its just like, a clusterfuck of TMD.

  2. These videos were taken in a private studio for Gay males only and specializing in erotic subject matter. Trust me, the videos usually end up a lot more risque than what I share. The history of American tattooing has always owed a debt to homosexual artists- some open, some in the closet. Cliff Raven and Phil Sparrow (who taught ED HARDY) in particular, Robert Benedetti.. the list goes on. Not all specialized in erotica, and some would never have been as carefree as Sid and Ken, but these videos are a snapshot of a sexually liberal bygone era.

  3. i like this old videos. but i don’t know why?
    is something on them… (yes, cocks, but not becosue of the cocks 🙂 )

  4. TMD protestors can stfu. ive never heard anyone complain about too much tits or similar so i think us people who prefer penis need to stop being left out hahah

  5. I’m so happy footage of this exists.

    Haha and the music is a good choice. 🙂

  6. Hey, could anyone please tell me why you didnt allowed my coment about the end of Thats censorship, it really sucks. I’m a very long visitor of Modblog, have lots of comments, i dont understand.

  7. I guess I was pretty bold in ’73 or ’74 when I went to Sid’s house in Miami and got a butterfly tattooed on my right butt cheek . There weren’t many tattooists in south Florida and he was all business….no fooling around. The late, great Tatts Taylor probably opened his first storefront shop around that time and I also got work from him. With Tatts, you stayed dressed ! LOL

  8. That footage is from an 8mm film camera. It’s likely that NO OTHER COPY exists. We have to preserve this stuff. Bob from South Florida… you should consider writing down an experience! 🙂

  9. When exactly was this taken, do you know? What year?

    Just curious. It’s interesting to see the old stuff.

  10. I think it was somewhere in the 1978-79 range, but don’t quote me. Most of these tapes are sadly not labeled. And I’ve got two in the bag with a third on the way. My editor knows that it takes me forever to write anything, so I think he wanted a few completed ones before he rolled them out, in case it takes me my typical ‘longasstime’ in between!

  11. this movie just made me smile. everyone looks so happy and relaxed, such a positive environment.

    on a side note, i like that demon piece at the end. 😉

    great music, great movie – thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  12. wow, this is great. thanks for sharing this old historical stuff!! tattooing has come along way, but i have alot of respect for those old-tymers.

  13. When my Dad was first starting into tattooing, he made a trek to Cliff Ravens shop on the Sunset Strip, got a huge beautiful cobra tattooed on his arm and Cliff was kind enough to offer Dad invaluable trade advice at a time when trade secrets were closely guarded. It’s true that times were much more homophobic back then, but my Dad, to his credit, didn’t give a damn.

    So, yeah – any footage you can put up of Cliff Raven would be fantastic! I’ve read all of Phil Sparrow’s (Samuel Steward) books; Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos is a good one, but his memoir book (much harder to find) also offers a lot of insight – he worked closely with Kinsey and also maintained a long-lasting correspondence and friendship with Alice B. Toklas. Anybody know if there’s any footage or pics of Samuel Steward out there?

  14. Thank you so much for posting these videos – can’t thank you enough.

  15. love the brandenburg, and this post. i really love this part of tattooing’s history, esp. in the US. thank you so much for uploading this!

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