46 thoughts on “He’s So Lippy!

  1. I love tongues-through-labrets, so ought to be going OH YES TEH AWESOME, but I’m distracted by the Last Puppy In the Shop expression.

    It is cute.

  2. i love love LOVE his sad face. ^_^

    that is some pretty impressive dedication to the mods there. i wonder how long it took him to get to that point?

  3. now that duff just commented and michael is posted here, can somobody xplain me why it always gives me the impression that people with lip plates look sad in pictures? haha

    awesome, i think i’d never get my lip plated but i do have some huge respect towards you guys, that shit must take some big chunk of self-confidence or something hahaha

  4. Bua, Impresionante y me encanta. Me gustaria poder charlar un buen rato kon una persona ke lleve un lip plate de esas dimensioes.

  5. I always wondered how long it would take for people to get their lips disced once ear stretching got mainstream, routine even. Apparently the time is now! All these people I’ve seen on BME with large gauges look frowny. 🙁

  6. I’ve always wondered, do lip plates disable the corners of the mouth from pointing upwards (like when smiling) like they naturally would? It seems like the weight and how it goes all the way across, even past the natural ends of the mouth, would make it quite a challenge to smile.
    And also, does this completely immobilize the bottom lip from moving? Like with the plug out, you couldn’t really close your mouth without the bottom lip just hanging freely, correct?

  7. fantastic! The bigger the better! I tried, but couldn’t make it for some reason… only got to 20mm then had to downsize… so sad…

  8. wow! extremely awesome lip plate! also wanna have! go MICHAEL go! keep on stretching it!

  9. really great your lip: i dream of having it too. do you always wear the plug or do you take it out? it would be fantastic to see you. i can only guess, that the plug does change the way of drinking and eating…

  10. Haha, those both look disgusting.
    Taking things to the extreme is never a good idea.

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