Bum Brand? You Bet!

I spotted this on Brian‘s page a few days ago, and thought you’d appreciate it!

Dave, a producer on the Ron and Fez Show called me up and asked if I’d be willing to do a branding live on the show. The back story was that he’d made a bet on the Triple Crown Horse to win, which didn’t happen, and the branding was what he’d put up.

He made it clear that he wanted it anyhow and that he was going to exaggerate his suffering for the sake of radio, which I underestimated! The branding means “Ichiban”, which is translated to number one.

Apologies for the interlacing on the video, read on for a photo of the finished article!

38 thoughts on “Bum Brand? You Bet!

  1. He screamed so loudly and was forcing himself to froth at the mouth. He was grabbing onto things, ripping them and being all around…. obnoxious.

  2. “you stop fuck earl you stop fucking” icant breath becaus iam lauching to mutch

  3. Well he looked like a total idiot screaming around and all that, I get that it was exaggerated, but seriously, I bet the artist was kinda pissed off by the end.

    I wonder how sitting down is…

  4. when i heard Brian was doing East Side Dave’s brand i wondered if it would end up on modblog somewhere… my two favorite things are starting to come together

  5. йоптваюмать, а почему без анестезии-то?
    fuck! why they’ve not used anesthesia?

  6. That looked like a crap way to do a brand , it seemd to me that the pointy ithem he was using was cooling down to fast and the reheating to slow .

    better to use a wood ingraving tool

  7. Some people really need to get some schooling on the “Kiss of Fire”! This looks like it was done with a cautery pen and in one of the worst places for a brand, the butt.
    Come on to my house and I would be pleased to show you a better technique.

  8. Comment #2: Oh yes, this was the infamous “drag and draw” technique, not electro cautery pen which stays a constant 2400 degrees F and makes smooth, uniformly deep trenches with white hot platinum wire. Check out our school.

  9. that poor artist.
    I dont think my day would be nearly as good if it hadn’t have started out with seeing this. hahaha

  10. tyler: cos anaesthetic is for pussies.

    seriously, who uses anaesthetic? i wouldn’t get scar work done at a studio who even offered the stuff.

  11. I dont know about you guys..but I am totally digging watching him laying there with SMOKE rising from his now branded ass cheek,this thin wisp of smoke…that is TOO cool,not for me mind you…but tooooo cool

  12. For #14/15: I’ve been using this method for branding for several years with great results, so i’d find it counterproductive for me to fix something that isn’t broken, at this point. I’ve used electrocautery before and the only difference i’ve found is that needing to keep stopping to reheat the piece gives a steady break for the client to regroup themselves after each, small section, which seems comforting for the client and also makes me feel like i’m not wasting any time while i’m reheating the tool.

    I appreciate your thoughts, but like i said, the results i have with this method have been great and clients generally say it’s very manageable…….this particular client was obviously overly exaggerating everything for the sake of radio.

  13. i’ve seen xpurex do two electrocautery brandings and i agree, reheating the tool gives the person on the table a chances for a deep breath and a moments regrouping, electrocautery is just on all the time. i think this is a good technique.

  14. Speaking as someone who regularly brands himself with bent up beer cans and shit, I think the scalpel can offer MUCH better results. Especially in Brian’s case.

    Branding is so romantic though!

  15. #1 – Yeah, I can hear the old TV jingle in my head already now, “Sapporo ichiban miso ra—men” 🙂

    But, it’s written correctly, that’s good.

    Still I wonder what people would think if he goes to the bath now 😀

  16. it made for great radio and Brian is awesome for going along with the bit. Ron and Fez, noon to three!

  17. i was in true pain….maybe my tolerance is very low, red-haired and fair-skinned, my skin is more sensitive than Powder’s….but that was very painful….the brand was very well done….but every i was getting BURNED…

  18. fuus…shut the fuck up,dude took it and DIDNT quit…
    that showed balls,and yeah….screaming IS allowed.
    just dont let them do two strikes then puss out,like a little whiner.
    ESD..rock on bro

  19. yeah man, you know, its fine to suffer and find it hard,

    but yelping and whooping and playing it up like that really makes you look like a major dick. he’s taking the piss, to be frank.

    and trying to justify it by bragging about how much pain he took just makes him sound like more of a dick.

  20. What a he-bitch 😐
    I know he was putting on a show, but that was a bit far.

  21. For #22 and #23: Still find electro-cautery branding superior both for the subject’s experience and final result. We use modified TCU-150 units made to our specifications and combine rhythmic breathing with branding strokes so subjects do have a break between burns. Big difference between our technique and yours is the platinum wire is always at a reliable heat and thus allows uniform, evenly deep lines.

  22. And some people use #11 blades to cut and some use #15. I’m very happy with the results i get with my technique and am comfortable and confident during the procedure. If you’re more comfortable with the TCU, then by all means, keep using it. 🙂

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