19 thoughts on “Thunder Thighs!

  1. ooo! purdy! Those are really nice! and I wants the underpants . . . I’m a sucker for animal prints and lace!

  2. very smexy.. also on a side not.. is that a tat peeking out from her left bit of panty? lol, just thought i’d point it out… nice work with the scars! 😀

  3. This is one of those picture’s that could have benefited from nudity… so we could see the rest of that tattoo I mean, honest.

  4. ff. panties are cute. And I want to live in a made up world where that tattoo is the little toes of a happy rhinoceros or elephant, and not ..say. the teeth of a skull. Nothing wrong with skulls, but happy rhinos are cuter. :B

    Anyway, nice lightning bolts! Kraka-pow!

  5. this made my jaw drop!!!!

    i JUST got off the phone with my tattoo studio making an appointment for next month – I’m getting thunderbolts tattooed on my “thunder thighs”, 5 minutes later i find this.

    crazy crazy coincidences – xbanditax, great minds think alike huh? XD

  6. Is it just me or does the one on the right seem higher than the other? Could just be the angle. Looks good!

  7. they’re identical and in the same place, its just something with the shape of my legs that makes them look a bit different, one of them seems longer even though we used same stencil for both of them

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