29 thoughts on “Spontaneous Camelopardalis Combustion

  1. Awe the giraffe looks a bit “glum” or like he’s trying to whistle, its an adorable tattoo all the same.

  2. Dam…the first time i looked at this i was like “not another dragon+flames tattoo” and then i looked again, and lo and behold, It wasnt “another dragon+flames tattoo”,imagine my joy.
    Well i am glad when i see origional ideas and this indeed deserves that title.
    I dig the way the flames appear to be suspending the giraffe

  3. hopeffullyyy his bad asss tattoo has a bad ass story? it’s reallyyy pretty&&it’s nice to see original pieces once in awhile.

  4. I think this is the first thing on the internet that has ever made me feel ill. Is there some symbolism I’m missing?

  5. Everything I’ve ever seen that has come out of that shop is incredible!

    I love giraffes!


  6. pretty wicked, I go to school with this girly, kinda strange to see her on here, anyways very nice

  7. thomas has been on the interwebs more than long enough, and he usually just doesn’t care because he’s pretty dead inside. He just doesn’t quite get a burning giraffe. Dammit, now you have thomas referring to himself in the third person again; back to therapy. lol Seriously, somebody explain it; maybe he’s just dense!

  8. For those of you who are wondering about the meaning, or don’t get the tattoo, read the actual post. Click the link to Salvador Dali and it shows what its all about.

  9. Thomas, if you click through the link thats provided on the page, you might understand more. Im a huge fan of Salvador Dali and my favorite painting is The Burning Giraffes” but rather then getting a perfect rendition of the painting, i wanted something more interpretational. I took the title of the painting and with the help of my wonderful artist, Adam Werther, came up with a very to-the-point drawing of a ‘Burning Giraffe’ and thats as much back story as there really is! i hope that helps you out alittle!

  10. Salvador Dali would be thrilled at this gorgeous interpretive tattoo on this beautiful and immensely talented young woman–but I’m biased; she’s my wonderful daughter.

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