38 thoughts on “V for Vivitory

  1. all i could think was “ooooh Cute!!” lol. not very eloquent i know but there it is. n_n

  2. Seems like things are getting less extreme around here. I hope that changes. Maybe I’m delusional. Who knows.

    I bet it’s just that cute guys don’t interest me as much as cute girls, so I’m bored more often.

    Or maybe there really is less amputation, blood, guts and sluts lately.

    I can haz gorez?

  3. uhm…don’t care much for the emo hairdo:/

    agreed with 13,we need more gore

  4. Everyone on the planet is emo. If you don’t have emotion then you aren’t human. Hairstyles don’t determine how someone acts and neither does a fashion. Let it go.

    His mods all fit together really well, I like them. 🙂

  5. Thanks Vance! Def not emo, figures someone would say something like that. People should def check my page before coming up with such assumptions.

    Thanks for the awesome comments everyone! 🙂

  6. haha don’t stress it man i get called emo all the damn time as well
    and i listen to the most offensive over the top black and death metal you can imagine
    fuck i’ve even gotten called emo for wearing a nice collared dress shirt with a long sleeve shirt with a huge baphomet head over it haha

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