13 thoughts on “i luv me some bloody feets.

  1. While MissDuveaux is hot enough to make me want to do a “practice pull” :P, the sight of blood on the bottom of her foot makes my toes cringe (no idea why).

  2. the initial image of the fetal position i feel is very soothing/comforting/peaceful to look at.. and then noticing the blood at the feet.. i dunno.. just adds another element to it that i cant place (in a good way lol).. thank god u can see it coming down from the back though… :-/

  3. In that position, it looks a lot like she’s having a heavy period…the blood on her back is easily not noticed.

  4. to rooraaah – i noticed but the fleshfactory page hasn’t been working for quit some time now… so hea… but u’re totally right ;)

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