Brute Almighty

I don’t want to be too pervy here because she likes girls, but when I saw this photo of Ahna ((pronounced on-uh and featured previously) I got all enthusiastic, about stuff, and things..

Read more to see a radically different style and her Cardinal (Kingfisher? Kookaburra?! I like birds but I’m no ornithologist) tattoo, which I’ll update you on once it’s finished.

64 thoughts on “Brute Almighty

  1. I believe its a cardinal. I saw it in the galleries, and I am fairly certain it was labeled as such. However, I could be very mistaken.

    But yes. Wow. She is beautiful. Where is she from again?

  2. Damn, that first picture is really cute!
    I am curious about the endresult of the bird, looks nice!

  3. what a hottie! Ahna, you have simply wonderful choices of mods, i am so in love with lots of facial piercings on girls, and SO in love with birds! rock on!

  4. roo, i owe you a spanking for posting my ghastly anti-eyebrow on here. and it is indeed a cardinal 🙂

  5. Her not being into girls makes me happy!
    Her living so far away makes me sad.

  6. Message to all:
    This girl is my college roommate and best friend. I get to touch her on a daily basis; she’s all mine.
    Props to Modblog, again.

  7. If she’s single, tell her I said hey ;]
    Only if she likes pregnant ladies though.

    Stunning facial work in the first photograph!

  8. Roo… *tut* Even I know it’s a Cardinal, and I don’t live there. 🙂

    But damn it – why can’t there be a girl who checks all the boxes for once? Gorgeous, into girls, and lives nearby. Is it too much to ask? (This is a backhanded compliment – Ahna’s stunning.)

  9. Beautiful—love the combination of the dreds and the piercings, and the tat is awesome too. That looks more like a cardinal—it’s certainly not a kookaburra. 🙂

  10. i love you woman, and i miss you. and i love your cardinal, its looking so sexy!

  11. It is 100% absolutely a Cardinal, they’re my favorite birds. I’m getting a cardinal tattoo as well and I’ve been watching the progress of that tattoo, no idea it belonged to such a lovely lady.

  12. First picture I thought: Holy Hell that’s a lot of metal! (but she pulls it off)
    Second picture she’s gorgeous, nice shape
    Third picture… hot as hell

  13. Ha! Roo, that was suppose to say “Her BEING into girls makes me happy!”
    Can’t type, clowns will eat me.

  14. I agree with Telyn. Ahna is beautiful. Come to England! 😉 Sorry for being a dirty old man (well one out of three ain’t bad). Your cardinal is gorgeous.

  15. Ahna is very pretty in both pics, but I do like the dreadlock one a little better. I think the bird is either a cardinal or a waxwing.

  16. if she’s reading this she has to know how much we all love her stuff!!! i feel privileged to be a member of the sex she prefers ;D . great stuffs! and love the tattoo!! it’s looking beautiful.

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