Set Your Lasers To FUN!

In the space of half an hour I received a link to this video from about twenty robot friends!

The full story can be found over on Gizmodo.

Also see Laser Etched Fingernail Calendar.

52 thoughts on “Set Your Lasers To FUN!

  1. Holy shit that is awesome! Do you think it will scar well? I feel like it wouldn’t it doesn’t look like it’s a bad enough burn, but what do I know.

  2. this is awesome,it should really be done more often,i can see a whole japanese(or watever style) sleeve done this way,it would be cool^^
    and i think it’s faster than any other procedure

  3. That’s fucking awesome. I too am curious about the healed scars and how well they turn out. I would be so down for that if it worked!

  4. Now to get my hands on a laser etching machine. I’m sure most of us are curious as to how it scarred. I hope we get follow up pictures down the road.

  5. Fucking WOW!!!!!!!!! Being in the army you see a lot of crazy shit get done to one another here, but I’ll be damned if that’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen since I’ve been in. I don’t think it would heal like regular style branding. I think it would heal to look like more of a relly bad self done tan experiment for about maybe a year. But I could be wrong. I usually am. But you never know. I said I’d never join the army, oh well to that one.

  6. I would really like to see the healed results. I also wonder how long it lasts. If it does last, it’s really really really awesome, because it’s far more accurate than a human being could ever be :P

  7. I would have to disagree with that. Humans can make a better than a computer that does exactly what it’s told. A human can tell the difference from where it should and shouldn’t tattoo. A human can stop when the person is having trouble holding still, a computer would keep going and create a horrible mark. A human can work around the persons body shape and figure. A computer would streak where it shouldn’t, and I don’t know. I’m just very against any huge serious work done by a computer on a human body. Which is why I’m against surgeries being done by computers and machines. That’s just a very bad thing to me. If it’s something done to me that’s not that serious done on my body like the laser work doesn’t bother me, but that’s if the machine was being controled by a human, not a computer. If something’s being controled by a human, then no problem. But if it’s just straight computer, and machine; big problem to me. That’s just me I guess.

  8. but noah, they can make computers that circumvent every single problem you listed them as having.

  9. true, but there will never be that relationship that a person and the tattoo artist have, and the feeling and emotion of getting the tattoo itself by a friend. you can’t befriend a computer. you can like the computer, but you can’t shake it’s hand after getting a tattoo by it. don’t think i’ll ever have that feeling with a computer.

  10. Noah – When I was working as a computer technician (I was sixteen, so that would be twelve years ago), a guy came to shop clutching his precious 80386 XT, his daughter had apparently got up in the middle of the night and decided the computer was hungry.

    She managed to slide two Dairylee Cheese Slices into the 5 1/4″ FDD.

    Not really related, but a funny story.

  11. woow! that looks like fun, i wonder which other machines could be used for mod purposes now haha

    awesome! can’t wait for the healed update :D

  12. What next ? CNC milling machines doing scars, dot-matrix printers doing tattoos…

  13. Do

    I can’t wait for an update, i suppose this could come up really great on some peoples skin, but on others just disappear. I mean, i’ve done some DIY branding that i figured would no way take, but it’s raised up really nice.

  14. Dear Noah Matteson: Why do you keep referring to the art of Tattooing when this is specifically related to the art of Branding/Scarification?

    But while on the topic of that did anyone ever happen to watch the Documentary where they were discussing using a Dot Matrix Printer (I believe it was a dot matrix printer0 to print this organic liquid type matter in such a way to re-produce human living tissue/organs,etc?

    Totally gave me Fifth Element flashbacks.

    With the laser etching put into a body modification form it’d require a much more altered look, perhaps smaller and compact but I’m totally picturing a huge tube like shape with a gripper handle at one end and a laser etcher that moves from top of the tube down to a few inches before the grip…going in a circular rotation, thus being able to laser etch entire arms and legs in a matter of a short time! :D

  15. ps: I would have also accepted the entry title of: “Set Your Fricken Lasers To FRICKEN AWESOME!”

    But as always liking the cut of your jib Roo ;)

  16. This is so cool! Instructables is one of my favorite sites. A friend is making me the tetris shelves. And I’ve thought about using the pretty neat jello molds for random things.

  17. OMG! That’s awesome! If you follow the story and the laser etch heals well, I’m so gonna find one of those machines and get one done *__* I love the space invaders one!

    I really really hope it leaves a good scar, not something that will fade in a week!

  18. if that would actually scar well, then sign me up!! but its seems too easy and doesnt look like it blisters or anything. so me thinks it would fade rather quickly, which is lame!!

  19. hello!
    i try my self the same think, but i burn my hand very nice.

    i have one 200W laser, one 240W & one 800W.

    i think the 200W is good for burning skin.
    i try with:

    and it was too much. my skin was like burning wood… :)

    and i won’t to know what kind of setting have you used?

    thank you!

  20. and yes…
    i try with laser tube laser, this is like this one on the video

    but i have one more 600W, galvano laser, i think that this one can be much better for tattooing?

    anyone have try already? is much more faster (100 times) and more precise.

  21. if someone want to try and is form slovenia, croatia or near, i’m glad to have someone to try with me. i’m a little scared from the last time… so if you have time and a big balls, your welcome to contact me on:
    [email protected]
    (EU/slovenia/near Celje)

  22. I would really like to see someone with some solid black work stick their arm in to this thing.

  23. I first saw this posted on Giz and thought it was utterly awesome. Glad those who forwarded it felt the same. What’s hilarious is to read the enthusiasm expressed here and then compare to the “This is batshit insane” attitude expressed over in the comments at Gizmodo.

  24. Slovan, you have a freaking 800W laser? Was that a medical laser, or just a very strong etching/industrial laser?

    On the matters of scarring, you could always have it go through with multiple passings. Though you might need to strap the body part down securely for that.

    I wonder if you could coat this with ink to make a 120dpi tattoo? :P

  25. What’s funny is that I first saw this on a design website, and now I see it here, and it’s like both of my careers have finally converged.

    I am pretty sure I saw it on

  26. If you’re tech-savvy enough you can make your own laser cutter (using it to etch your skin would be supremely stupid) or you can buy one – starting in the many thousands of dollars. For most people, branding the old-fashioned way is still going to make a lot more sense.

  27. @46 – “Laser Radiation”? :P Assuming you arn’t using unusually exotic and toxic materials to make the laser itself, then it has less of a harmful medical effect than standing under a madnifying glass in strong sunlight.

  28. Awesome! It’s the Instructables robot! Can’t believe I missed this, I read Gizmodo and Instructables a lot.

    I think I entered one of the Instructables contests to win a laser etcher once but didn’t get anything.

  29. I asked the nice guys at who were also one of the sponsors for this years MODPROM if they would be up for doing a little lazer tattooing and they said they will enrgrave any surface but skin… they are used to doing laptops and cellphones. i guess they arent insured for it.

  30. For some reason* seeing the dude with his hand in the box made me think of the gom jabbar test in Dune.

    “What’s in the box?”



    * Probably that reason being that I’m a huge freakin nerd.

  31. I want. Direct me. Show me the way. Where did this come from? I WANT.

    *off to research*

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