Roll Over Addams Family..

There are new kids in spooky town, and they’re in the shape of Lindsay Hearts, Kelli Hearts and Joey Sleeze! Clickthrough for larger images, of course..

We all live together in a one bedroom apartment, and it is chaos all the time!

Tattoos and what not by Evolved Body Art, Columbus, Ohio. Photography by Chris Thornton,

33 thoughts on “Roll Over Addams Family..

  1. does her chest say “nothing gold can stay”? and is it from the New Found Glory record?

    even if it’s not, awesome photos.

  2. And the Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is in the book/movie The Outsiders, which is taught in many jr high schools in North America, making it an extremely well known poem. ;)

  3. I would freakin lose it in about a day if I had to live in ONE bedroom with two other people….Nightmare. Hot girls or not.
    Cute pics though!

  4. Luckiest Gay Boy I know hahaha… It’s nonstop laughs and good times.

  5. Girls, when are you going to realize, making out with each other isn’t shocking or sexy, it’s fucking passe!!

  6. unfortunately i didnt notice her chest. all i noticed was his chest…and wondered why he would get a TC motor tattoo’d on it. I mean, a Knucklehead or Panhead or Shovelhead sure…but a Twin Cam? i dont get it. maybe he’s really into new harleys, though i cant imagine why.

    dont mean to be a hater, its really a nice tattoo and the pictures are great, thats just all i noticed when i looked at it.

  7. I agree with Ellie. That’s why I have a four bedroom. Nice mods, though.

  8. Oh look, two straight girls kissing. I haven’t seen that before :b

    Back on topic, what is his chest piece of? It looks intriguing, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

  9. I’m just gonna go there.. Kelli is my girlfriend . My everything. My soul. My heart. Fuck. Thankou Patrone for the strength to say that!!! That girl wakes up naked next to me

  10. What is with all the abuse on mod blog these days, sometimes it seems nobody has anything positive to say and just attack all the pictures.

  11. Terry- if someone said something that was out of line or ill educated, Shannon would always step in and say something (needless to say, I always had a lot of responses from Shannon XD). It’s kind of more dog-eat-dog now, with less moderator interaction with the intention of keeping the peace.

    My other theory is that 4chan has been coming over here to fap.

  12. “My other theory is that 4chan has been coming over here to fap.”

    Oh, lordy, I’m gonna cry if thats what it is. But, yes, more likely is the sad reduction in moderator peacekeeping.

  13. Jackie – Trust me, I read every comment :)

    But I have other work to do as well and prefer to leave the discussion to you guys. If someone asks a question though, I’ll answer.

    Comment moderation hasn’t changed at all.

  14. How I envy that man! :/ I love my husband but what I wouldn’t give to live with two sexy ladies! Especially these two! ^_^ Woo!

    More on topic; All their tattoos are gorgeous! o_o Especially Lindsay Hearts’ sleeve.

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