58 thoughts on “Don’t Get A Splinter

  1. Why should we vote for his apperance, he’s happy how he looks like and thats the best thing.

    However he truely is hot.

  2. His knot is a little wide for my personal liking. Is it a Windsor knot? And we all know not to wear suspenders AND a belt.
    Aside from a couple minor execution problems… I LOVE IT.

    His hair is beyond amazing.

  3. Ahhh, he’s a Swede. They’ve got to be the most beautiful race on the planet.

  4. Ok, this is coming from a girl who is extremely fond of other girls and not so much guys- He’s gorgeous.

  5. hmmmm. my first thought was…. on mushrooms and looking at pretty tree…. oooooooo ahhhhhhhhh the textures, the textures

  6. missbutterfly – nice one :) couldnt get enough of the kid the first time you had to come back for more.

  7. Deffffffinately do.

    One more reason to move to Sweden.. Swedish men are the most beautiful on the planet.

  8. I love his hair and want it for my own. :3 Also he is really cute. He’s dressed a lot like my best friend (who is a lot less modified but also v cool).

  9. between black metal and boys that look like this, sweden’s got the global market on perfection downright cornered. hot damn, hell yeah, and where can i get a boy like that??

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