Back Breaking Work.

It’s the indomitable TracieHanna again, and her poor downtrodden friend Jared during his first pull. Clickthrough for another shot.

Piercings by Tracie and MUTE-ONE (Nu Ethix).

See more in Nu Ethix Suspensions LLC (Suspension Teams and Bonus Galleries)

15 thoughts on “Back Breaking Work.

  1. roo, promise you’ll never stop posting pictures of tracie!

    and darah, search her name theres heaps of pics on here of her.

  2. First reaction. Nice back piece, second was is that a fucking reddi whip machine of some sort? Third was of course nice tits.

  3. Her backpeice is indeed gorgeous! And woo.. lovely boobs too. ;) I love their positions in the first picture but oh my.. her expression in the second one is awesome.

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