56 thoughts on “What a Tangled Web We Weave, Down South.

  1. Heavily stretched scrote pulled over heavily pierced cock? Even after clicking through I can’t quite fathom the physics of it

  2. Dear Viking In LaFleche, comment 5. Curse your delicious sense of humour; took me totally unawares and I just spat coffee over my screen. Still laughing as I choke.

  3. Really stretched scrotum over a penis thats…um…doing some sort of contortionist trick, no?

  4. #10 you could make a killing betting on where its gonna cum out, (no pun intended, well maybe a little)

  5. it’s certainly a cock…that’s how far I got. but yeah, I wanna touch it, too.

  6. I want to play with it. Not necessarily in a sexual manner, just to see how it all works.

  7. I worry about this. What happens if he has to pee all of a sudden? It’s gotta take ten minutes minimum to get out of that.

  8. TMI!

    Is it me? It always seems to be the big guys that do that.

    Daring though.

  9. Well…thats mangled. The title should just be “Dedication…your doing it right”.

  10. It looks like the one with the two stretched foreskin piercings…

    I reckon it’s 4 stretched foreskin piercings, and a halfadravya. I’m probably wrong, though.

  11. I think we’re looking at it from the point of view of the ‘owner’ and it’s stretched forskin pulled down (up to us) and over the head. Then there’s a bunch of other piercings and a cut or two, also.

  12. #9 etc – Yeah, these things need to come with DIAGRAMS!

    “Insert fleshy bit A into hole B, lock with giant ring of doom C…”

  13. oh wow, i got it right! i just couldn’t figure out why everything around it seemed so… stretched!

  14. wh,wwada, what the hell! synie havock it doesnt work anymore or to what i can imagine holy balls

  15. 34- haha, pick up a flat pack dick at ikea and try not to lose the alan key?

  16. How come we don’t ever get “guess the body part” pix of GIRL genitalia? Or really cool super-modified girl bits? Wah!

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